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  1. Hi, I got a damn k65 RGB keyboard. of course after a week it started having problems by having wrong colors in several buttons. I contacted support, they told me to put a new firmware and gave me a guide.. so I followed it.. I added the updated file in the small storage drive of the keyboard.. and since then the keyboard is stuck to blinking like in pic below.. there is NO informatiion anywhere to tell me how to get back to normal... unbelievable how bad Corsair is..not providing instructions of the keyboard at all. can anyone tell me exactly how I can set it back to normal? thanks
  2. ridiculous. they shouldn't even be selling this crap. this is a well known problem for them and they just keep on fooling their customers. Corsair is done for me. cannot be trusted
  3. yeah.. unfortunately looks very common and Corsair continues the production of defective keyboards for at least 3 years now. I have opened a case in customer support..I believe I will get a replacement but still...looks like a design problem as many people face the problem even with replacements... unacceptable
  4. Hi, I am an owner of a k65 lux keyboard..I received the keyboard a few days ago. was very happy with my choice of keyboard... and of course I have the classic problem with the "stuck" RGB colors in specific keys already. So, this is a known problem as I found out..happening from what I understand to every corsair rgb keyboard.. it is just a matter of time. So obviously this is a well known problem to the company. I am waiting a response from support.. however I would like to ask if the company has a clue about what causes these problems? Is there a standard way to fix it? Is Corsair able to produce flaw-free mechanical keyboards or I have to move to a different brand? Initially I wasn't disappointed (failures happen in electronic devices), however after reading every single owner having a problem for the last 2-3 years at least...got very disappointed at the brand... anyway, does anyone have a working solution to this apart from just getting an RMA and wait for the replacement to have the same failure?..if this is a defective design I am sure it will appear to any replacement...
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