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  1. Here if I set it to multi-rail and close that dialog then open it again, it stays in single-rail. As if the dialog didn't actually do anything.
  2. RM1000i always goes back to "Single Rail" even if set to "Multirail" (which I think is the default config)
  3. CORSAIR iCUE v4.13.226 update. Again same thing, the installer will freeze. The workaround is to stop the Corsair service just when the MSI installer pops up. - Still the dashboard displays all the system by default...no way to disable it unless you delete the CPUId files. Corsair, are you listening?
  4. Also, the monitoring items in home keep scrambling all the time.
  5. Updated to 4.13 Same thing, the auto updater stops and you need to disable the services manually then use the installer. Still no way to disable system info unless you manually delete the required files. Still a MSI service even tho I have no MSI device. Should I even care to comment these things? I think is falling on deaf ears.
  6. Another update. Again won't install unless I stop the services manually and use the installer. In home, the sensors and devices I have displayed are still scrambled every single time. Still no ability to disable stuff we don't need such as: The MSI service, tell me why we need such thing on PC's without any MSI device? No ability to disable system information / monitoring. I can force disable all those manually and I've gotten accustomed to that....it seems it is what it is and Corsair cannot care less about user feedback.
  7. iCUE is frequently asking this, although I have no custom Corsair loop. Only a h115i Pro, a bunch of fans, a LNP and a RM1000i I have no thermal probe besides the one inbuilt in my AIO.
  8. Another update, another failed installation. I had to disable the services again and use the external installer to be able to upgrade.
  9. Moving from V3 to V4 I installed V4 thinking it will overwrite V3 which wasn't the case, later on I just uninstalled everything and installed V4. Later at the first V4 update froze in the same way, I solved it by using an installer. This time is the same, ever since I moved to V4 I'm not able to update from within the app. EDIT: Found that you guys updated the installed here: https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/downloads Downloaded it, ran it and is hanging as well. (see image) EDIT: Now I remember what solved it. Seems the installer cannot stop the Services properly. I had to manually stop them (Corsair and Corsair LLA) to be able to update. I have no idea how non tech savvy people could circumvent these issues. Update went fine now. But I have to mention for the Nth time again that we don't want HWmonitor in the dashboard (make it optional) are you guys doing something about it?
  10. New update 4.10 available. Like the previous update it hangs mid way with high CPU usage in two cores. The best thing is that there is no installer available online. Good job :) EDIT: I also found this folder in "C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Corsair" (I replaced my username with xxxx) Notice how that folder is not in the ...\AppData\Local or Roaming...just on the Appdata root folder which is clearly an oversight.
  11. Here is a suggestion to the developer team. Please make the taskbar icon vectorial so it can resize well if you change monitor resolution. Since is a bitmap right now, if you switch resolutions many times, the icon blurs out.
  12. Believe me. So far v4 is not a real upgrade. I didn't go back to v3 since I encountered no major problems and my lighting setup needs no more tweak. v4 is so far a downgrade. I know it will be better later but there's no need to jump to it now.
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