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  1. Ok doing it now. thanks Corsair!
  2. Ok no response Corsair? I got logs , where do I send?
  3. I have a K95 PRO RGB kb, Dominator memory, Scimitar mouse. When I lock my system WindowKey + L the lights on my k95 go out . I have the defaullt profile hardware lightning set up so it should be lit up but it's not. Running the latest version of ICUE. 3.37.140. I have 3 onboard profiles that I have saved to my kb and mouse. Mouse seems to stay lit up but not the K95. Do you need any logs from my end to tell me what's up?
  4. Noticed the same thing recently, on the K95 PRO RGB for example. Hardware lightning does not work anymore. Same thing on my second PC which has the same kb. Some patch recently broke things me thinks cause its been working fine until recently.
  5. Hey thanks for that, I kinda figured it was worth ignorning since I didn't see anything smoking off the board which if something really was 97c I believe other things would get affected by it. I see the same sensor in Hwinfo at 97c so seems like an Asus thing.
  6. So i just updated to the Core I9 10900K and the Asus Maximus XII extreme even before I starting working on tweaking bios settings ICUE vCPU voltage is way off. Vcore in Hwinfo shows 1.296 but in ICue it doesn't change much from 1.16. Also take a look at the screenshot link, one of the sensors is kinda Ddos'd showing temps over 97c. LOL https://imgur.com/a/7QRJOHo Maximus XII Extreme board updated to beta 2004 version. No issues running CINEBENCH at current settings. I do recall seeing the same thing running link a few years back on my Maximus X hero. Is this something ICUE related or Asus ?
  7. Amazing thanks Devbiker, I swear I was all over google and never game up with that site to buy them from the original maker/seller. OOf. Thanks for the info!
  8. So I've been putting this off for some time but want to know if there's an RGB extension cable for one of my LL120 Fans, it's in the back of my 500D SE and it doesn't have enough length to reach my lighting hub without doing a cross which I dont want to do. Is there such a beast that I can buy so I just extend the cable length without having to cross the wire over to the lighting hub which is closer to the front. I looked on Amazon and found this https://www.amazon.com/20-inch-Corsair-Extension-Cable/dp/B0818MJCYN It's $37 US. Is this the right one?
  9. I had this happen to me on my strips. I just removed the strips from the lighting setup on the commander pro and re-added it and they lit up again. I think it's glitchy sometimes.
  10. Try flipping the radiator so the hoses are on the bottom instead of the top. Steve From Gamers Nexus did a review recently on this and proved that front mounted rads with the hoses on top is bad. It could potentially ruin your cooler Link to video.[ame] [/ame]
  11. Guys, im really at my witts end with these issue, besides the fact I never got a response from my post a few days ago. I bought 2 of these and now I just bit the bullet and ordered the Logitech G933/935 , after using them I can say I have no more audio issues. I really wish Corsair could get off their tails to fix the issues with the virtuoso especially since they cost at least $30 more than the logitech. It is what it is I guess. PS> I will still use these headsets for for NON GAMING use. The headset works well in Microsoft Teams for work and also for Xbox and my Android phone. Yes I know the work around is to not run ICUE but I have no choice, I have bindings there they at I need for my mouse (Scimitar) and I cannot live without them. Al Signing off from this thread.
  12. ANY fix yet to the crackling and auto volume increase / decrease ? I mainly notice this in overwatch. Near the end of a Quick play classic game the sound goes super crackly and I just want to throw the headset against a brick wall.
  13. What's the latest firmware revision for the Virtuoso and Dongle? I haven't been able to update it for awhile cause it says I'm running the most recent 0.17.149 and 0.15.76 respectively is what ICUE says.
  14. I have two of them, had them for 2 months. On my XboxOne controller they work perfectly, no static, very crisp clear sound. On my Android phone, same thing crisp clear, no static no issues. On the PC though is where the issue is and that is because it's the Driver, the Corsair driver and I had a ticket open with Corsair and they are working on a fix I believe. Until then I will keep using my G933 which is working just fine (hopefully the switch stays functional).
  15. I think they are doing Fine, I got a little frustrated with my ticket not being responded to but I got things going and have a path. I am not returning the headset, I have faith that Corsair will get a driver update for the headset and things will be ok. I can deal with the minor bug annoyances until that time.
  16. I don't hear crackling very often, I do hear the sound getting lowered automatically but haven't pin pointed the exact reason, could more driver fubarness. I also had a ticket opened with Corsair for my MIC issues, that turned out to be a simple case of "Yes we know the driver is messed up and needs to be fixed by devs but no eta when it will be fixed" I can work around this bug fairly easily though but sucks I had the ticket opened for 2 weeks and took me complaining on the forums (because they stopped responding for 6 straight days) for them to respond and tell me that the driver is bad where I already knew that.
  17. If you want to go down that road, I highly recommend ASUS Motherboards. I've used them for 10+ years and have yet to have an issue with them. My Current board is a Maximus X Code, really nice , great VRM and slick OC features. Not to mention great support RGB, 2 ARGB headers which is great.
  18. Anyone else with a ticket open just gone days without response?? I'm really getting tilted that they ask for all this info and I've provided it and they've gone quiet. No response in 6 days. At least be professional and let me know you're working on the issue. I've worked in customer service before and it's totally not acceptable to go this long without at least mentioning it's going to take time to research. At least then I can respect they are actually working on my issue. This isn't the first ticket I've opened either that's been like this, I'm just getting fed up now and the ticket I have open is regarding the Virtuoso headset that has a flaky driver or firmware.
  19. I'll check my drivers tonight, I know I am few revisions behind on my BIOS for my Maximus X Code Motherboard (ASUS) so I'll try loading that again. Their bios-renamer is a little flakey and last time I tried it could not find the bios file.
  20. I am testing something out and I think it has something to do with ICUE. If the system has ICUE installed. Make sure the cable to the ST100 is connected to a blue USB 3.0 port on your pc, same with the dongle, Something with ICUE might be blocking the mic from working cause I plugged in the SE into a PC USB 2.0 slot without ICUE and the mic works fine there. You can also uninstall ICUE or try it on another computer that doesn't have ICUE on it to test too.
  21. I found this similar behavior in Overwatch, if I start a match with the mic muted and unmute MIC will not function, I have to leave Overwatch Chat and re-enter, less of an issue for some other games but it's still very annoying. Have a ticket open with Corsair about it but so far no solutions. I have now purchased 2 of these SE headsets both with the same issues, the driver is flakey and needs fixing. Remote chance that two headsets purchased from 2 different places having the same issue if there wasn't a bug in the driver or firmware
  22. It works in Overwatch now that I put the dongle in the USB 3.0 slot, but there's this weird glitch. After 1 match the mic stops working, have to leave voice chat and re-enter. It takes just a few seconds but it's a little annoying. Less annoying though than having the mic not work at all but I think the driver is crap and may need an update.
  23. I just had an epiphany, I had the dongle in the 1.0 / 2.0 USB port , just moved it over to a 3.0 and I think the MIC is working, testing now in a game.
  24. I've tried everything under the sun but the MIC on this headset is FLAWED. I seen others with same problem too but it refuses to work. Unplugged the Headset, Removed the driver completely in device manager under audio ports. Removed ICUE, reinstalled ICUE, plugged in the headset, it re-installed fine but still no mic. I opened a support case, really hope I don't have to RMA it. Anyone else with the same thing? or have suggestions on a fix? Firmware on dongle and headset are at the latest version. Sounds I can hear fine just cannot join in any voice chat.
  25. This is why you want to make as few changes as possible to your system and always have a backup plan. Failing that will cause these kinds of headaches.
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