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  1. I def need to do this. Though it (now) has no cooling for the GPU. Any idea how long the thing can run at even idle load without getting too hot? I suppose I can just get some thermal paste and hook the two radiators up to the CPU and GPU in some jack-leg test configuration and let it fly. Regarding custom mounting the radiator in a new case- I had just assumed the mounting holes would be pretty standard and I’d easily fit it into to a new case, get a fan attached to it. Sounds like you don’t believe that to be realistic.
  2. Thanks very much for the thoughtful reply, EchoSierra. Overall, what you suggest is my plan. The biggest issue is securing a video card and deciding how much to spend on one. The strategy will be to use as many of the One Elite components as possible, so essentially I will indeed be “using my Corsair One”. But it’s gonna live in a new case. The GPU AIO does not have a fan lead at all (only USB, SATA power, and output for the top fan in the CS1). So to work around a boot POST error, I figure I can just plug any old fan into the CPU FAN block on the mobo. In fact, with this Phantek case I’ve ordered (Enthoo Pro PH-ES614PTG_BK), I’ll probably plug the fan hub there, since the it uses a 4-pin PWM connection. One of my bioggest concerns is the AIO (either of the two) and the very short coolant tubes. They may not reach to the CPU in the new behemoth case. In that event, I’ll have to decide whether to buy a new AIO or go with an air-cooler.
  3. Clarification: The GPU cooler connections include: 1. USB to the mobo 2. 4-pin connector powers / controls the case-top fan 3. Power
  4. My CS1 Elite died, the video card and/or GPU is almost certainly the culprit (GSX 1080 Ti) The machine is 11 months outside of the warranty period, and Corsair does not repair their PC’s (even at the customer’s expense). I’ve had conversations with customer support to confirm all this. Replacing the video card is theoretically an option, but finding the exact card would be difficult and looks expensive. So - my plan is to salvage the parts and build a machine with them. I’ve taken the whole CS1 Elite apart, just today. I’ll get a big case. The CPU, RAM, SSD should be usable, seems to me. The mobo, PSU, and radiators / cooling blocks might be. There look to be issues with how to connect this stuff up. The video card radiator and pump originally connected directly to the case-top system fan, so if I’ll have to decide how to use liquid cooling for the CPU. The cooling units for the CPU and GPU connected differently to the system (GPU cooler connnected 3 ways: power, 4-pin connector, and USB to the mobo. The CPU cooler connected with only 2 cables: power and 3-pin connector). Or I’ll hopefully fit an air-cooler directly to the CPU, if this custom MSI mobo will accommodate it. The PSU looks a little dinky at 500w, but presumably is big enough, depending on the video card I purchase. If I have to replace the mobo, Microsoft is probably going to get lippy with me about it being “a new PC” re: the Windows license. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on the project.
  5. MB driver for Corsair One Elite. MSI Live Update says this is available and not installed. I've gone through installation process several times, rebooted as instructed, but a repeat scan in MSI Live Update continues to say it isn't installed. Anyone else have this problem? ver
  6. (I am not affiliated with Corsair in any way) Of course it is natural for a support forum to be slanted towards people with problems with their machines. . . but I wonder how many people here have functional rigs with no trouble at all? I'd like to go on the record: my Corsair One Elite (i7 8700K, GTX 1080 Ti, 32GB, 1TB SSD) is working perfectly. What a gorgeous, quiet, industrially beautiful piece of kit!
  7. Perhaps I am just a neophyte. Why are the 6 cores of my i7 8700K numbered from 2 to 7 in Corsair Link? Image attached.
  8. (i7-8700, 32GB ram, 1TB SSD, no HDD) Love the machine so far. Here are some (likely noob) questions: 1. Is there just one coolant reservoir for both radiators? There is only one coolant temperature in Corsair Link. 2. The CPU coolant pump varies with processing load. The GPU pump seems to be constant (running at max speed all the time). Is this normal? The GPU temp seems to vary appropriately with load. 3. Can I add a HDD to this machine without voiding the warranty? The only "legal" upgrades I see on the website are for adding an SSD or RAM. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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