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  1. That's true, 3 drives would cause a lot of heat. That's why I'm a bit confused that passively cooling them is the only option in this case without some type of mod that would void the warranty as I understand it. I'll have to check but I think I have some seagate barracuda drives.
  2. I'm having problems with my air 240 matx case. When I use 3 3.5in hard drives, they overheat to the point the read/write speeds grind to a halt. I've mentioned it in an earlier thread, but it didn't get a response. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=132221 The problem has been documented other places here: http://www.overclock.net/forum/50-small-form-factor-systems/1528947-corsair-carbide-air-240-owner-s-club-369.html and here: https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/2p02ak/build_help_hdd_cooling_issue_with_corsair_air_240/ I opened a support ticket, and the response was to add a fan next to the hard drives. But with this case, the hard drives are in the passively cooled chamber, and I can't seem to find a fan mount anywhere in that area that could help. I've gone back and forth about how to fix the issue and get 3 3.5in hard drives working for over a month now and the only answer I've gotten is to "add a fan" with no direction on where or how. I haven't heard back for two weeks now with my ticket still open. Does anyone know how to fix the issue? I notice the new 280x has a similar design, but with support for only 2 3.5in drives. I bought the drives after my return window for the case, figuring it was a case I could grow into over a year. But I am still under warranty. Is there anything that can be done to fix the issue, or any return/replace program that covers cases that advertise more drive bays than it can handle?
  3. So I know this is an older thread now, but I'm running into the exact same problem with my air 240. I haven't taken exact measurements, but when trying to copy to my 3 3.5 drives they copy for 30 then slow down to less than 10 mb/s due to overheating. I have found other people talking about the issue http://www.overclock.net/forum/50-small-form-factor-systems/1528947-corsair-carbide-air-240-owner-s-club-369.html https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/2p02ak/build_help_hdd_cooling_issue_with_corsair_air_240/ But no solid solution to the problem. Is there anything that covers the fact that this case supports two less drives than advertised? (assuming you have to keep the middle drive open for 2.5 drives too)
  4. I was coming on here looking for the exact same thing. With my keyboard there is a "save profile to device" button in the bottom left corner when a hardware profile is selected, but that button doesn't exist for my dark core mouse. My glaive also has 1 hw profile I can save which shows up correctly, so its definitely something wrong with the dark core.
  5. I don't have much more than what the title says. Currently the only mouse with a white variant is the M65 pro. That mouse shape doesn't fit well with my hand. A white glaive or dark core would be great. And if I'm going all out on an edge case wish list, it would be nice to have macro keys with the pbt keycap sets. I have the white pbt set with my platinum k95, but they M keys are still the original black/gray ones that came with the board.
  6. I may be weird because I see comments like this suggestion on youtube reviews all over the place. People seem to like the logitech and razer charging mouse pad systems more, but a cheaper set with a non-proprietary charging system is why I chose the corsair set.
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