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  1. UNBELIEVABLE, I can now control my TUF z370-Plus LEDs with iCUE, it's AMAZING!
  2. I already knew that, but before this thread everyone was minimizing the problem, like it was a very minor issue. Instead it was a very huge issue that was demanding for more attention, and I showed you with this thread. Hats off to Corsair for listening us. Just, please, don't minimize user complains, there is still a lot of work to do (e.g.: CPU usage, bugs, devices not working properly, etc..), but I won't minimize your work anymore because I know you did a GREAT job about shooting this issue off. But also try to understand there are fanboys (who shouted DevBiker?) who pollutes entire threads whenever an user posts his complain, inventing excuses in order to make the issue to appear ridiculous. We respect you if you respect us. Best regards and, again, thanks to Corsair devs for the great job
  3. OMG OMG OMG THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! I cannot wait for this update to be released!
  4. AWW THAT'S BEAUTIFUL!! I really had given up hope about this, I'm very happy this has been addressed and fixed! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
  5. Thanks, I've added you to the list Exactly, I'm also using other operating systems than Windows and the unstoppable rainbow effect really bothers me
  6. See? You're absolutely right! And this is exactly the reason of why it's not a good idea to simply put some random unskilled people to do this complicated job for little money. I know Corsair is acting this way. This should not be an acceptable fix for anyone. I need to lock my pc while I'm away. I have a Bitlocker full disk encryption enabled like every brained people would do, and it would be insane to leave it unlocked when I'm not on my PC. It sounds like having alarms in your house but leaving the house door open while you're away at the market. Thanks, I've added you to the list. Anyway I'm doing my part by discouraging everyone to buy Corsair product and to get others instead. All the people here know me and listen to me.
  7. You must be very smart. Ok, assuming you're serious, then open another thread and do a list of people who actually do like this issue. We'll compare it to the list in this thread.
  8. Yeah, everyone in this forum except Corsair fanboys agree there are incompetent and unqualified developers working on this so called "software" Added. Thank you! :)
  9. Don't waste your money, Vengeance PRO are as buggy as their predecessor. I tried them and they're not worth the price at all.
  10. I feel betrayed as well. Now all we have is buggy software that uses 10% of CPU for nothing. Never again Corsair in my life.
  11. Thanks, added to the list. I don't have problems with AURA either.
  12. I can't reorder my Vengeance RGB, I have no "DIMM Setup" config in iCUE, see attached screenshot
  13. I just realized my mouse (Corsair Scimitar Pro) can't save "click" events as macro in hardware profiles. How funny is this? A mouse not allowed to click. All I wanted was to save ctrl+c and click+ctrl+v for copy paste functions. I need the click because I don't want to press two buttons for clicking where to paste and then paste. I just want the button to click and paste automatically. Guess what? It's not allowed in hardware profiles. A mouse which is not allowed to click, that's funny. Well done, Corsair.
  14. Thanks, I've just added you to the list
  15. Hi, you're not alone. I've added you to the list.
  16. Meanwhile, the list of users complaining about this [bug|issue|usabilityproblem] is still growing. Still no fix.
  17. I completely agree. Never again with Corsair, it's a shame and they are not gonna doing anything about it.
  18. That's great. I'm waiting for the next big update. I hope there will be some code optimization as well, iCUE takes a lot of CPU
  19. Hi Corsair James, are there some news about the default rainbow effect issue?
  20. I opened a ticket about a month ago as in the first post and I was answered this: I still wonder if they are working on it and what is the progress, in case. I think it would help if many users send other tickets about this issue.
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