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  1. The top light bar is all white and all the Keys are red on startup. It use to follow suit with all my other Corsair products and do the Rainbow wave on start up and shut down. How can I fix this?
  2. So my keyboard use to run rainbow on Startup with all my other Corsair products. Now it is all red before it goes to my saved effects. Not a big deal but I have OCD with my startup and want it all to be rainbow. Is there something I can do or is it just an ICUE bug?
  3. Got my T1 race chair yesterday, love it first off! But a suggestion, the whole chair feels very good quality other than the arm rests. They look good with the carbon fiber imprint, but wobble and aren't very well padded at all and will hurt your elbows after a little while. A suggestion would be to somehow add a little extra padding to arm rests in a future chair. Maybe like the velvet feel of the pillows that come with the chair. Overall awesome chair, would buy again and recommend to anyone! 4 out of 5 in my opinion just because of the rests. Thanks again for a great product.
  4. NVM I found the regular CUE downloads thanks for this advice, I'll use it until ICUE is completely finished. I am busy working all the time, so I am not much help for a BETA other than a grumpy person when something doesn't work lol thank you again!
  5. I am trying to use Macros for games, skills etc numbers 1-5 on my mouse, like I was saying only CUE makes macros available so I am stuck using it regardless.
  6. As the title says, the the new update fixes previous issues I've had but now my Scimitar Pro Macros no longer work.
  7. Tried using the link+cue combination can't set macros up through link only cue. If there is a way to setup macros through link then awesome, but I did not find a way. The biggest problem is stop showing off all of these videos about ICUE to get people to buy your products when your software is still in BETA.
  8. Yes I know it is in Beta before anyone says anything. Corsair is advertising all of these great features that don't work, so maybe don't advertise them until you have them all working. At first it was lighting issues on startup, patched that. Then that patch created lighting issues on the LL series fans, patched that. Now the worst of all is my Scimitar PRO macros do not work at all, they are setup the same way as always, but are not registering.
  9. Same problem here thanks for this post.
  10. Any settings I set to my lighting node pro device do not stick. I like my fans and LED strips to be static colors. But after a few seconds it goes back to rainbow even though it says it is still static. So I create a new profile instead of leaving it on the default profile, it flickers fast between rainbow and staying static. This software has become unusable. Can't even turn lights off because it will again just turn everything into rainbow after a few seconds.
  11. Same thing is happening with me ever since the most recent ICUE update. My fans always stay rainbow if I put it to a static color. If I add any other effect they start to flicker bad.
  12. Fans and LED strips set to off do not stay off, after a few seconds they turn to rainbow.
  13. With the new update it finally registers rainbow effect on startup and shutdown for all 4 of my LED strips and all 6 of my LL120 fans. But now if I set them to off in profile or instant lighting after about 30 seconds it turns them all to rainbow. Even though I have them set to off.
  14. So with the new system CUE software, my system no longer completely lights up on startup. I have 6 LL120 fans and 4 LED strips. When my system is on they all work fine and use the effect that I assigned. But on startup only my Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad, and bottom LED strip does the rainbow effect and everything else is black(off). Is there a way to assign a startup profile or am I just doing something wrong. It's only for a split second on startup, but it makes the PC look broken.
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