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  1. Will there be any third party support for it anytime soon? I really loved the ability to do that with cue 2 hoping it come's to iCUE .
  2. than sell your corsair products on craigslist and uninstall icue and move on to something else so we dont have to read your whining comments about how bad corsair is bla bla bla .....:p:
  3. the best and only way to fix the LL flicker bug is to turn off fast startup on windows 10 it worked for me as well as fixing issues i was having with asus aura freezing up . https://lifehacker.com/enable-this-setting-to-make-windows-10-boot-up-faster-1743697169
  4. icue is still better then that pile of rainbow turd called asus aura for whatever resin aura was not detecting my strix 1080 i tried everything to get it to work uninstalled it did a reg clean reinstalled it still didint work uninstalled it manually oh then it wouldn't even start so i had to go to the extreme and do a fresh install of windows naver had anything like that happen with cue link or icue at least corsair has hired some competent programmers
  5. scepter


    don't have a Corsair headset but I can tell you that I've had issues with Windows 10 vr. 1803 Realtek audio drivers you could try reinstalling your audio drivers have you tried reinstalling Icue ? edit:i issues i was having with my Realtek audio drivers was popping and clicking when watching youtube videos and talking on discord .
  6. thay really need to get rid of the lighting liberty it's confusing and unnecessary
  7. no worries was just pointing out its a well know issue :)
  8. no need to make a new thread >>> http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=177368 to get the flickering to stop open task manager and end corsair.service that should fix the flicking for me the service automatically restarts and icue loads the 1st profile i have in the profile list you can have link installed but you really should just uninstall it sens it does nothing when you have icue installed to change your aio fan speed and pump speed click on your device tab then the performance tab then either click on one of the standard profiles and click on the fans and pumps you wont that profile to be applied to if you want a custom fan profile click on the + and it will create one that you can edit and remember to highlight the fans and pump so that the profile is applied . if you dont see the tabs i am referring it go here>>> http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=178727
  9. ok so the 1st thing you need to do is open task manager and end corsair.service the service should automatically restart that will fix the LL flickering bug (yeah I know it's really annoying but it's been here since the first release of iCUE and they're still working on fixing it) than go in to icue and delete all them profiles you created in lighting Library all you need to do after that in click the + on the lighting channel tab for more info on the flicker bug go here http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=177368 note: you may or may not need to end corsair.service after a restart or power on from sleep at least for me it always does the flickering after a restart or power on from sleep .
  10. iCUE is CUE and Link combined if your going to continue using icue you need to uninstall link sense iCUE assumes control over all corsair peripherals and devices you dont even need link anymore with icue sense thay migrated the functionality of Link in to iCUE also in the near future they're going to end support for link and cue so at some point you'll need to make the switch over to icue.
  11. you could try what i do is end task on corsair.service 32bit in task manager btw i did a fresh install of iCUE version 3.3.103 and still got the flicker bug.
  12. The only resolution for this that i found is opening task manager and end task on Corsair.service 32bit that's worked for me the service will restart and the flickering stops and icue works as it should the only real permanent resolution is for Corsair to Fix this bug.
  13. link dont work, when im having issues with icue i just open task manager and end task on { Corsair.service (32bit) } the service will reload and icue works for me after that
  14. iCULT sounds more like what you would call them scrubs that buy Apple products
  15. i'm not having this issue at all its at 0.0% open or closed occasionally it will jump up to 1% but only briefly then it will go back down to 0.0% https://ibb.co/hNynQ8
  16. iv always had issues with my mouse not loading/turning on(this is random btw), whether its a corsair mouse with cue2 or icue installed or not i've also had this issues with other mice like my old g602 i think it's really a mobo bios issue or a windows issue sens iv never seen it happen on my linux box i own the Scimitar Pro btw.
  17. 1. Granular Brightness/Opacity control for all lighting effects regardless whether or not they're preset lighting profiles , this is a pet peeve of mine sense most of the lighting control software's on the market dont let you control Brightness with there preset lighting profiles like CAM and AURA this to me should be a standard....WHY YOU DO DIS 2. The default Commander pro lighting profile that was added in the last update to Link 3. The rainbow wave lighting profile from link im not a fan of the new one in icue feel free to add any of your own feature requests below :biggrin:
  18. Well i have the NZXT Kraken x72 and a Corsair Commander Pro an for whatever reason i cant use it with my commander pro's usb port's i would keep getting random issues where the x72 wouldn't respond and or the x72 driver would crash/Driver error , this would almost always happen after a restart or a shutdown , I had to resort to using a USB 2.0 Mini Cable and run it outside of the 570x to the back io panel (PS thank you Corsair for putting that little hole on the back of the 570x behind the mobo tray next to the io panel ) that fixed all the issues i was having with the NZXT Kraken X72 + Corsair Commander Pro's usb hub , i hope i'm not the only one that has had this issue , so in conclusion this must be a firmware issue on the x72 where it can not be used with a usb hub/commander pro usb hub , and or a NZXT Kraken x72 driver issue/CAM bug . So i can at least confirm that the NZXT Kraken x72 will not work with the commander pro correctly on its current firmware and Driver revision or CAM software version as of the date of this reply. oh yea i only have one internal usb port on my asus maximus x code like you.
  19. rainbow wave was changed as well the new one is ok but i like the old one more also the default commander pro profile that was added to link in the last update was removed from icue among other profiles being changed .
  20. it is set as the first profile its the only profile i have setup atm.
  21. same here but nothing lights up till i modify something under the commander pro's lighting control , like the opacity slider , after i move the slider everything lights up/the profile gets applied.
  22. yup and im also having the issue where after power on only one LL120 will be lit up and my 2 other LL fans and the 4 rgb strips will be off as well.... im sure all these little bugs will be worked out soon, ether way im loving not needing two different pieces of software to control everything ..... Now where's that Corsair RGB chair
  23. when i boot to desktop and icue loads its not applying my lighting profile until i mess with the lighting like changing the opacity/sliding the opacity bar then it applies the lighting profile im using the commander pro any workarounds other then the one i mentioned ?Decktop profile.zip
  24. yes plezz also it would be nice to have the opacity option for all lighting effects
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