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  1. My C1 is leaking coolant - what do I do? Looks like the leak is coming from the graphics card side. My machine is one of the original i7-7700k units
  2. My system says it is running 4C3 - but in the BIOS it says that the date is for this year (2019)
  3. Soz to bump the thread, but is their any news?
  4. Thank you, I am very grateful that you have continued to look into this.
  5. Is their any update/news on this?
  6. Sorry to bump the thread - any news?
  7. All I asked is if they were going to address the MDS vulnerability with a BIOS update to the Z270I motherboard. The replies I got on the MSI forums from other user of the stock board were not helpful (and in some cases rude). But it's down to MSI to police there forums :D: They sent me a PM asking me to submit a ticket, and asked for full system specs (which I did send them). The above link to a BIOS was what they sent. I have no intention of applying this BIOS unless Corsair give me the go ahead to do so - and as stated in my post, I advice all CS-9000011 (2017/2018 I7-7700K Corsair One) users to not use it as well. My only reason for posting the link was to get the information to the development team and see what they think. If the Development team have a copy of the file from MSI, I am happy to edit my post to remove the link. I have it downloaded, so if need be I can email it direct to Corsair if you want. I hope it's of some help!
  8. Update: after contacting MSI directly, they have sent me BIOS M-Flash file called "E7A66IMS.41J" (ftp://jerryuser:2020GAMING@ftp2.msi.com.tw/BIOS/BIOS0809/E7A66IMS.41J.rar) I do not know if I can use this on my Corsair One Pro CS-9000011, and I would advise the same to any other CS-9000011/I7-7700K C-One users. I am posting this here to see what the actual C-One developers think!!!
  9. Well... One helpful reply directing me to contact MSI as they don't look at the forum. And one unhelpful reply stating that the board is three years old of course it's not being supported *sigh* Then why are they still providing updates for other parts of it? (the last one dated the end of July 2019)? Shall see what, if anything, MSI have to say.
  10. Just nudged MSI to see what (if anything) they have to say about continued support for the Z270I mb https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=323216.0
  11. I found after updating to version 3.18.77 of iCUE that my Corsair One Pro CS-9000011 kept shutting itself down, I started to notice a lot of temp spikes on the CPU and the fan slowing down rather than speeding up. I rolled back to the previous version of 3.17.94 and don't seem top be having the same problem anymore.
  12. For further clarification, here's the link to the MSI page: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z270I-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-AC.html
  13. Us generation 1 Corsair One owners hope the same thing!
  14. Thank you - I shall install away...
  15. Why would you want to remove them? I think the C1 logo looks snazy
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