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  1. I have channel 1 set up as LL RGB 6 fans and channel 2 as SP RGB 1 fan for the corsair case logo
  2. I reset my windows which deleted all programs but when I saved my profile in Link it only saved my keyboard profile. Now out of my 6 LL fans only 2 are lighting up. I have my fans set up like this https://imgur.com/YYVINmV The Corsair logo is working on the side and front. the bottom 2 LL fans are working in the front but the front-top, top and 1 back fan will not light up now. Any ideas?
  3. I upgraded my icue software today and now only 2 of my 6 LL120 fans lite up in my case along with my mirror black LGB logos. I have 6 LL120 fans that were working perfectly with my LINK software before this new update so I know the fans are connected properly. They are connected to a LGB hub which is connected to my commander pro LED 1 slot. The Corsair 570x Mirror Black RGB logo's are Connected as a Single SP RGB fan in the 2nd LGB hub which is in the commander pros LED 2 slot. How do I get the other 4 fan lights to turn back on?
  4. I set up my system as in the picture below but for some reason the Corsair 570x Mirror Black RGB logo in the front and back will not light up. I do not have the OS or LINK software installed yet so that may be the problem but the LL120 fans all light up when i boot the system. I think I set up the wiring correctly but maybe I am missing something. Anything look incorrect with how i did it? Also i noticed the LED on my Commander Pro is not lit up.. was thinking that might have to do with no LINK software installed as well?
  5. I am about to assemble my pc and i have read that some people mount their H100i v2 on the top of the 570x case so the air exhausts out of the case while others mount it to the front of the case so cool air blows over the radiator. 1. Does it really matter which of the two locations you mount the H100i v2 to? 2. What are the pros or cons to each? 3. What do you suggest and why? Thanks!
  6. I did the same thing, even submitted a ticket and they said I needed to buy one. So I did and now have two.
  7. Is there room under the case for a drive? No i was thinking of putting it over where the PSU shroud is located up front somewhere or seeing if I could put it where one of the SSD brackets are. At the moment my drive is sitting in a HHD dock on my desk behind my monitor but would like to get rid of the dock and put the drive inside the case if I can.
  8. I was thinking of maybe going MacGyver and using some industrial Velcro to attach the 3rd 3.5 HHD to the case somewhere...right now the drive is in an external hdd dock but I would like to get that off of my desk if I could.
  9. I know the 570x mirror case comes with 4 drive bay mounts, 2 SSD and 2 3.5in but if I wanted to add more than 2 3.5 in drives is there space and what would be the best way to do so?
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