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  1. Hi All. Hoping someone has seen and fixed my issue. For starters all drivers and ICue 4/Armory Crate are up to date. Everything is working except.... Crosshair VIII dark Hero back IO area. No light at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Armory Crate and ICue 4 as well as disabling and re-enabling plugins and in game lighting effects to no avail. I did notice that the Crosshair VIII Hero is on Corsairs compatibility list but the Dark Hero specifically is not. Can anyone deny/confirm that the Dark Hero is supported or not? Any help will be greatly appreciated and whoever helps will have their health toasted every time I crack a beer...... Running Windows 10 Pro on... Asus Crosshair VIII Dark Hero 16GB Vengeance SL DDR4 Asus ROG Strix gaming 3060ti H1501 Capellix Elite 4X QL 120mm 3X LL 120mm 3X ML 120MM 2X LS100 350mm
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that an update/change to iCue is incompatible with/broke something in Armory Crate. Who is at fault is like the age old Chicken/Egg argument. It Should go without saying that whichever company releases an update first, should send it to the other for testing. Given the number of issues I am certain that's not happening. Asus and Corsair software updates remind me of when I gave my kids joint chores when they were little. All wanted to be the boss and madness, carnage and bloodshed ensued....
  3. So my biggest question.... Do I need to sell one or both kidneys to purchase this?
  4. So an update for anyone facing the same issue. Uninstalling and reinstalling ICue 4 did nothing. As a last resort before driving back to the store, I uninstalled ICue 4 and installed the latest version of iCue 3. Bang. Lit keyboard. I uninstalled ICue 3 and reinstalled ICue 4.... again.... and that did the trick. I guess paying top dollar for Corsair gear also signs you up to be an unpaid Beta tester for buggy/unfinished software...
  5. I drove 1 hour, each way to pick up a new K100 after my K70 died. I unboxed it, plugged it in and ICue asks to update the firmware. Wanting to be sure that did everything correct I did so and..... Lighting dead. Tried soft reset at least a dozen times. Tried a hard reset (Pinhole under keyboard) several times to no avail. Still bricked. So either I drive 2 mores hours and exchange it, wait a week for Corsair's sad excuse for Support to respond to my ticket or ask you good folks here. I had more faith in you guys since Corsair seems only interested in selling stuff rather than actually supporting it. Thanks in advance for any help provided. Cheers.
  6. Hello All, Awhile back I purchased an Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse. After fighting for several days to get iCue to detect and control it I gave up and returned it. I went back to my wired Ironclaw. After a day or so the Wireless Ironclaw showed up, even though it is no longer attached. Anyone else have a similar issue and resolved it? Any help would be eternally appreciated. BTW, I uninstalled and reinstalled iCue several times to no avail Specs Gigabyte B450 motherboard Ryzen 2600 16Gb (2X8) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 1 Corsair Vengeance RGB enhancement kit (2 sticks) Gigabyte 5700XT Samsung 970 Pro 512Gb NVME Corsair RM850 Corsair H115i AiO 3X LL120s 2X LL140s Commander Pro Lighting Node w/ 4 strips K70 RGB mk.2 IronClaw wired MM800 Polaris ST100 Void Pro RGB PS, In case anyone from Corsair wonders in here. See all the Corsair stuff in my specs? Next build will have 0. There isn't enough RGB and cool lights in the world to put up with crappy software and non-existent support.
  7. I have the same issue. Stopping iCue and restarting doesn't work. I went as far as going into Device Manager and stopping all of the stubborn iCue entries to no avail. Reboot is the only way to get things back to normal. I've stopped using sleep as a result.
  8. So the nice folks at Corsair who sold me all of this stuff will not let me create a support ticket for iCue issues, so I decided to see if anyone here has had this issue and if they resolved it, how. I have Lighting node with 4 strips Commander pro 3 LL120mm fans 2 LL140mm fans 2 sticks Vengeance RGB Pro 2 lighting enhancement "dummy" sticks i115 Pro AiO ST100 stand Void Pro headset Iron Claw mouse K95 Platinum and of course the aforementioned MM800 After I installed the MM800, several of the profiles no longer load all of the lighting effects. one or more of the above mentioned devices will be dark. One profile doesn't load ANY. I have uninstalled iCue 3 times and reinstalled the latest. The last time was with IOBit uninstaller. Nada. Afte the reinstall, all of the the profiles are still present so something was left over. So much for IOBit. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I also deleted and re-imported all of the affected profiles several times to no avail. nECrO
  9. ARe there any release notes for 3.14.100?
  10. Thanks for your reply. I understand this is a community forum. My hope was that maybe someone else had run into the same mouse issue. I have more faith in the community than support. ;) As for the rest, I was ranting a bit. Sorry if it came across wrong. I have a fresh install of Windows and all of the latest drivers, chipset included. The ST100 is plugged into a USB3 port. I downloaded and installed the latest Icue after I posted but the issues persist. Perhaps I got a faulty mouse. I have a replacement plan with Microcenter. I'll return it and see if that helps. Once again, thanks for your help and my apologies for the rant.
  11. Bumping to see if anyone has any suggestions for this....
  12. OK, this is driving me nuts. My Ironclaw mouse disconnects and reconnects constantly. This happens sometimes 10 or more times an hour. I hear the Windows disconnect sound and my mouse goes dead, then I hear the connect sound and the mouse reconnects. Other long standing bugs ST100 is often undetected, sometimes for days Corsair service has abnormally high CPU usage Icue random crashes Devices (K95 Plat, Ironclaw, RGB Pro RAM, RGB RAM light enhancement kit, Lighting Node, Commander Pro, 5LL fans, 4 light strips, H115i RGB Pro) randomly not detected on boot. It sometimes takes several reboots to get them all discovered. All issues still present after recent clean Win 10 install. Well over $1100 of gear that works when it wants and a company that seems like it could care less about fixing any of this in a timely manner or at all. Specs AMD Ryzen 2600 Gigabyte Aorus B450 Elite 16GB RGB Pro DDR4 3200 2x Corsair "RAM" light enhancement sticks Asus RTX 2060 Samsung 970 Pro NVME Windows 10 Home
  13. Hello, I had to reinstall Win 10. I've done that as well as all latest drivers. After reinstalling Icue 3.12.118 one device is missing from Devices list, the ST100 Headset Stand. Also, Even though the other devices are seen by Icue, the fans and light strips remain dark. Only the RAM and AIO have working LEDs. My system specs and Icue devices are listed below. Any help will be eternally appreciated. System Specs AMD Ryzen 2600 Gigabyte B450 Elite MB Samsung 970 Pro 512GB NVME 2x Crucial SSDs 2x mechanical drives 16GB (2x8) Vengeance RGM Pro Asus RTX 2060 GPU Icue gear 16GB (2x8) Vengeance RGM Pro 2 x Vengeance Light Enhancement modules H115i Pro AIO Commander Pro 4x Light strips w/ Lighting Node Pro 3x 120MM LL fans Iron Claw mouse K95 Platinum RGB 2x 140MM LL fans
  14. Hi All, I am studying and teaching myself the ins and outs of creating custom profiles. In the meantime, would someone consider creating a profile based on the Heavy Metal band Slayer? Possibly with the bands logo in the negative space between lit keys? Their logo is a bit blocky so that may make it a bit easier? Color(s) could be sampled from the bands album covers. I provided some links to pics of the logo and some album covers should anyone be kind enough to take this on. Thanks in advance and my thanks anyway should you decline. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4e/Slayer_wordmark.svg EDIT: In looking I found that nearly all of their albums are Red with shades of blacks and browns.
  15. Same here. It also happens randomly the whole time I am using my rig. When it does this sometimes the mouse hangs for a second. Hasn't happened in game though. I thought it may be a conflict with my Razer mouse so I gave it to my son and bought a Dark Core. I love the mouse but the issue persists.
  16. Icue will work with those motherboards. Just don't install the software for the Gigabyte or Asus boards. It will conflict with Icue's ability to control RGB.
  17. I'm having the same issue, even worse. I have the last two versions of Icue. Any advice before downgrading?
  18. Same issue here. A reboot usually fixes it but who wants to have to boot their system twice?
  19. Title says it all. My lights are stuck in rainbow so I tried a firmware up,date. It has been "updating" for 40 minutes. No status, just "updating" and a message not to unplug device or restart the software. Any help will be greatly appreciated. A few hundred dollars of wasted money on pretty hardware and buggy software has left a bitter taste in my mouth.
  20. Like so many others, my H115i STILL doesn't register changes. I choose Visor with green/blue. I get Rainbow. I choose Color wave with orange/red. I get Rainbow. I change the speed. Nothing. The only way it works is to choose Rainbow with medium speed. It's like a broken watch. It is only correct twice a day. Seriously. I have tried to remain patient, but it is frustrating to have spent several hundred dollars on gear only to have to wait months/years for the most basic fixes. The iCue hardware boxes should have a warning: Attention. By Buying this hardware, you agree to be an unpaid beta tester. Any and all features are not guaranteed to work. Corsair reserves the right to issue fixes at whatever pace we see fit, or not at all.
  21. I'm in the same boat. Anyone?
  22. OK, so after arranging, rearranging then rearranging I finally found the issue. One of the extension cables I was using between strips was defective. I disconnected the LL fans and connected the strips one at a time and in various configurations and they worked fine. I reconnected everything without the aforementioned extension cable and all is good. My thanks to anyone who read my post and was working on an answer.
  23. Hey folks. I spent over an hour looking for an answer to my question in the forums. If it's already been answered and I missed it I offer my humble apology. I just purchased a Lighting Node Pro W/ 4 LED strips an LL140 2-Pack as well as a single LL140 and 2 LL120s. I got the CLNP first and had it installed and working. When I received the LL140 2 pack and other fans then installed it alongside the CLNP, the RGB strips no longer work. I have tried putting the strips on both LED channels 1 and 2 to no avail. All 5 fans work fine. I have the fans all connected to the RGB Fan LED Hub and the fan hub connected to the CLNP (Tried both channels) I've added my system info below just in case. Thanks in advance for any help provided. EDIT: Just wanted to add that all changes were performed with my machine turned off and unplugged. MB: Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 RAM: 16GB Corsair DDR4 3200 RGB GPU: Sapphire R9 285 SSD: 512GB Western Digital Black M.2 2280 NVME OS: Windows 10 64
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