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  1. I'd suggest using the Corsair H80i v2, like it did. It comes with mounting hardware for the AM4, as well as Intel sockets.
  2. I don't think it will fit on the inside of the top, with the thickness of both the fan and radiator, mainly because it will intrude with the memory sticks. Another problem is that since the CPU socket is so close to the top, it would be difficult to maneuver the hoses to there. I assume you looked at my pictures in the link I sent.
  3. Probably won't work, based on my recent experience with a H80i and 100R. You should be able to mount in on the front as an intake, but you'd have to lose the drive cage. I have two ML120's mounted to the top, but it is a close fit, and I can't see adding a radiator there. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=174465
  4. Are you overclocking? How is your CPU cooler, because your CPU temps seem kind of high.
  5. Maybe they (the miners) are going cheap with the PSU's, because all the good ones are out of stock? Getting whatever they can. A couple months ago, I was trying to buy a Corsair RM750i, but no luck, and I noticed that a lot of the higher wattage ones were out too. I settled for a RM650i, which has been fine, but it was still frustrating.
  6. It seems like the SP three pack doesn't come with the Lighting Node Pro, but you may not need it. I have six ML fans, and four Corsair RBB strips daisy chained together, all connected to a Commander Pro, so didn't need the LNP that came with my fan kit.
  7. Although, I would say that it will be acceptable, it's borderline with no headroom for the future. I had a Corsair HX520W which worked just fine for my system, but since I wanted a very quiet system, I recently upgraded to a RM650i. I have a GTX 1050Ti, and based on the power calculators I ran, the 650 was plenty even if I had a GTX1080Ti. I would have got a RM750i for even more headroom, but the miners made them unavailable at the time.
  8. Windex or similar and a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Avoid paper towels as they are somewhat abrasive, since acrylic panels are prone to scratch.
  9. Apparently, the blinking LED is normal, meaning the PSU and Commander Link are communicating. With a windowed case, I find it annoying, and don't see why it is necessary.
  10. Everything seems good, in that it works and shows up in Commander Link. But, why does the LED on the PSU blink between green and orange?
  11. Ok thanks, but what is the other one for? Commander Mini or something? That is the one I was referring to as having a tiny little connector. The other end is a straight line four pin connector.
  12. I just got a new power supply, Corsair rm650i. The instructions say to plug the USB cable into the motherboard. The three USB headers on my motherboard are taken up by my H80i v2 cooler, Commander Pro, and front USB ports on the case. Can I plug the PSU USB cable into the Commander PRO, as both headers there are open? What is the cable that is referred to as Corsair Link Cable, that has a tiny little connector on it? The instructions don't say anything about it.
  13. I would look on eBay. This one looks like it would work, and I see others listed too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Athena-Power-AP-AT30-AT-300W-Replacement-Power-Supply-PSU/152431356038?hash=item237d9de886:g:Z5gAAMXQ01tRTOc-
  14. Are you saying that in the BIOS there is no recognition of anything on the CPU_FAN header? That is where you have the H80 fan connector plugged into, right? And when you click on Q-Fan Control, you can't do anything with the CPU_FAN, since you claim it isn't recognized?
  15. Is there some good reason why so many Corsair power supplies are out of stock at a lot of retailers? I'm talking about mainly the RM750i, but I've noticed a lot of others as well. I know Amazon has a few, but other retailers forget it, they are out of stock or back ordered.
  16. Like I said before, if you only have 6 RGB fans and four RGB strips linked together, the Commander Pro will be enough for your needs, and you won't need the Lighting Node that comes with the 2/3 fan kit. You did say you wanted to control fan rpms with Commander Link, and that's why you need the Commander Pro. You'll need to purchase the Commander Pro and four RGB strip kit separately. Four strips seems to be the max that can be linked together. So, if you want eight strips, say in two links , then you will need to add the Lighting Node as well.
  17. Are these all new parts, because my answers are assuming so. 1 - Any reason you are not going with a Corsair AIO? If so, you could control it with Commander Link. 2 I'd say that is good. 3 You only have one M.2 so I wouldn't worry about it. 4 I've never done RAID so I don't know, but I wonder why you need 6TB of hard drives in addition to the M.2? 5 I think 750W would be enough. Search for the Cooler Master power supply calculator, it is very helpful. The Corsair one is out of date with the latest stuff. I would suggest the "i" version instead though, as you can control it with Commander Link. 6 I have 6 ML120 Pro RGB fans, and 4 Corsair RGB strips connected together, to a Commander Pro. I didn't need the Lighting Node that came with the three fan kit I got, and you could save a few bucks by buying the other three fans as singles.
  18. One thing I am noticing on Commander Link is how the CPU Package temps can vary so widely. It will jump 10C in a split second, and then jump back 10C, then several seconds later do the same thing. When configuring the fans, Commander Link defaults to the CPU Package group. Anyway, for configuring the fans, I think I'll just change the group to something more consistent, either Core #1 or an internal ambient temp sensor I just installed.
  19. c-attack: Thanks for taking the time with that. It's very helpful. One thing I should clarify is that the temp sensor Ambient I have in the Link screen, is actually external of the case. I thought it would be helpful to know how room temps affect things. I should put another temp sensor somewhere in case to measure ambient air in the case.
  20. Based on my experience trying a couple 3 pin fans for my M.2 SSD, Commander Pro can control them, but at only full speed rpm or half speed rpm. If I was you, I would get 4 pin fans.
  21. I've never had this many fans before and I'm new to a liquid cooler and Commander Link, so I've been trying to figure on temps and fan settings. I have three ML 120 RGB Pro fans set as exhaust, two more ML's on my H80i v2 as a push/pull, and another ML as an intake. So, I have 3 exhaust and 2+ intake (figuring that the push/pull combo don't count as a full 2), and that seems pretty balanced to me. Is it better to keep all the fans about the same rpm, or should exhaust or intake be greater? Since the CPU is the main factor, I'm wondering what are good operating temps? I want as quiet as possible, so it's like how low can I go on the fan rpms? Right now I'm at 27C, which seems really low. Should I be willing to accept 40C as an idle temp? Or even higher? According to Corsair, the tech specs on the ML 120 have a minimum of 400rpm. What does that mean, as I've been able to set them half that in Commander Link? Do the motherboard temps mean much? In the H80i v2 box it shows the fan at 360rpm. Is that accurate, or do the two fans on the split connecter halve it? Should the cooler fans be running faster than the case fans, since they would have the most effect on the CPU temp? In the memory box under Timings, why does my DRAM Frequency show as 1069.1 MHz? My memory is 2166MHz, though I think the BIOS has them set at 2133MHz. http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm58/rschissler_bucket/CommanderLinkCapture_zpsopjqlp2u.png' alt='CommanderLinkCapture_zpsopjqlp2u.png'>
  22. I did install the Gigabyte software for controlling the fans, etc. When trying to set a minimum rpm at say 400rpm, it seems to do it by bouncing back and forth from 0 to 400. Not a big deal I guess, I may just go back to the default setting, which is 0rpms until 60 degrees C, then kicks into high gear. Apparently, they must think that is OK.
  23. Thanks, I just read that there is a minimum threshold before the fans turn on. Can Commander Link control it as I think I would like a minimum speed rather than no speed until getting hot?
  24. On my Gigabyte GeForce 1050 Ti, the fans are not working. This is a new build, and I'm embarrassed to say I don't know if they weren't working from the start, which was a couple weeks ago. I just noticed it in Commander Link, which has only been running for a couple days. Link recognizes it but the rpms are zero. I verified it by looking at the fans and they are not spinning. I checked device manager and I don't see anything amiss. My monitor is connected to the card, and everything else seems fine, so I'm not sure what the deal is. Any ideas?
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