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  1. Right, I wasn't blaming you, but rather pointing out how ludicrous these problems are - Corsair really needs to get their **** together.
  2. Yeah, there's no way a peripheral control panel should EVER use more than 0.5-3% CPU, 24% is ludicrous, sounds like they just threw it together without any kind of testing.
  3. Ever think of including a cheap ARM CPU in the keyboard itself so the lighting isn't reliant on the host CPU? You're charging enough for the higher-end keyboards.
  4. Wow, so not only do you have things like needing to re-plug the keyboard for the CAPSLOCK etc. lights to come on, but your keyboards are giving users a sustained static electricty charge? Bravo Corsair, WONDERFUL engineering. Christ...did you do ANY hardware/software testing before releasing these peripherals onto the market?
  5. Not move the mouse until the software loads? Wow, are you kidding me? I have NEVER heard of/used software that required not touching the mouse - what the heck is wrong with Corsair's hardware/software? These are very clearly issues with THEIR software/hardware, and not end-user systems.
  6. How would CUE/the HID drivers affect the basic utility of the keyboard? I was forced to uninstall CUE + disable the HID drivers due to them not playing nice with USB controllers and yet my keyboard still works.
  7. I have to wonder if they even test their hardware/software before they release it to the market. It would be bad enough on a cheaper keyboard, but there's zero excuse for this on a $100+ keyboard.
  8. Yeah, it's a shame, before I was gifted this keyboard/mouse I always thought of Corsair as a solid brand, but after maybe a solid week of troubleshooting (including a buying a powered USB hub) to figure out why plugging in a controller was freezing up my system, the CAPSLOCK etc. lights weren't working culminating in disabling their drivers/software (and all the extra functionality/customization of the keyboard/mouse), and seeing them recommend firmware resets/software re-installs again and again in the forums (which of course didn't solve the problem, as re-installing the same faulty drivers/software/firmware again doesn't make them any more stable), I'm definitely going to be a lot more wary of Corsair's entire product lineup, particularly their peripherals. In my ~25 years of computing this is the first time I've had issues like this with a mouse/keyboard.
  9. Yep, as I've said in countless threads, it's their ****ty drivers/CUE causing these problems. The second I disabled their HID drivers/uninstalled CUE, the issues with my K55 (not playing nice with USB gamepads, and numlock etc. lights not working correctly) ceased....I also lose all extra functionality because they lock it behind their terrible software, but it's preferable to having to unplug my keyboard whenever I want to use a USB controller. It would be nice to see a response that isn't the typical BS about re-setting firmware/updating BIOS etc. when it has been proven time and again that it's THEIR software/drivers that are the root cause of these issues, not end-user systems. Give us some updates on what's being done to fix this.
  10. Yeah....I've come to the conclusion that they don't really give a crap. They'll give you the typical "reset your firmware" etc. answers when the root problem is in the coding of their software/firmware/drivers, or they'll blame Microsoft/Valve vs. doing what every other peripheral manufacturer does and properly testing their hardware/software and releasing updates that will enable their peripherals to continue to function as intended alongside newer Windows updates etc.
  11. Why should a built-in combination command be in any way reliant on the host machine? Of course these are the same keyboards that have their capslock/numslock etc. lights screwed up by your CUE software, so nothing should surprise me.
  12. It seems like there is some fundamental flaw in their hardware/software that they're either incapable or don't care to fix. And they keep releasing these updates to CUE when the issue is their firmware/HID drivers, and the updates don't really fix anything, and just add more problems. What a mess. My keyboard/mouse were gifts, but it is annoying not being able to use any of the macros, or customize the lighting, and I'm not going to nuke my machine to troubleshoot what is obviously an issue with on their end.
  13. I don't know if that would change anything...it sounds like something with USB polling was changed in more recent Windows updates, and they never modified their drivers to compensate for this, so it creates some resource/assignment contention or something when USB controllers are plugged in simultaneously. They definitely need to fix this, but as long as they continue to maintain that it's a "Valve" problem, and not an obvious flaw with THEIR HID drivers, nothing will change.
  14. At this point I would just switch to a different brand of keyboard - I mean, my K55 is at least usable, but I had to uninstall CUE and disable the HID drivers, removing ALL extra functionality to be able to use it AND a USB controller at the same time on the same system, which is ludicrous enough, but for several keyboards to not work at all? Stop giving Corsair your time/money, they don't deserve it.
  15. Because they have absolutely atrocious testing/customer support. They'll just repeat the same support manual BS while not working to fix the problem (we wouldn't want to spend any "unnecessary" money to ensure our peripherals work as intended, would we?)
  16. 1.) It's definitely not a Steam issue as they've claimed - it's an issue with their drivers/CUE...I've verified this by completely closing steam and still having any program that queried ANY USB controller freeze up my system (even the USB control panel) as long as the USB controller AND my K55 keyboard controller were plugged into the same system at the same time (Even bought a powered hub, so it's not a power/mobo issue) - unplugging the keyboard caused the system to instantly become responsive. 2.) The only way to "solve" this issue was to disable their HID drivers - unfortunately, as you've probably already found out, this locks the keyboard into the default lighting pattern and disables any extra functionality (media keys, macros, custom lighting etc. all require the HID drivers/CUE software). So I'm left with the option of my "gaming" keyboard becoming a basic keyboard with zero extra functionality or physically unplugging the keyboard before launching a game that uses a USB controller. Corsairs "solution" to this problem is to pass the buck to Valve, rather than admit there's a problem with their drivers/firmware and actually implement a competent testing procedure to fix it for their paying customers. I have NEVER had issues like this with any other peripheral.
  17. It's not a steam-specific issue, it's related to their drivers/firmware/CUE, as even with Steam completely closed if I had my K55 and ANY USB controller plugged into any port on my machine, it would hardlock anything querying the controller (from the USB controllers panel to any game). After uninstalling CUE and disabling their HID drivers, no more hardlocks. Again, not an issue with Steam - Corsair needs to stop passing the blame and fix their ****.
  18. Yep, I had an issue with my K55 since getting it in December, and uninstalling CUE and disabling their HID drivers fixed it. Their drivers/software/firmware are subpar at best, but they'll never admit it, like with the Gamepad issue, they continually tried to pass it off as a Valve issue despite multiple users explaining that it occurred even with Steam closed.
  19. The only workaround (until Corsair updates their drivers/firmware/software) is to uninstall the CUE software AND disable all the Corsair "HID" devices in device manager - if you try to uninstall them, Windows will just re-install them. I tried everything reasonable, including buying a separate powered hub, and the ONLY thing that worked was removing their software and disabling their drivers - unfortunately this means you lose all custom functionality of the keyboard, and your lighting will be locked into the "Rainbow" pattern. It was that or not be able to use my keyboard and ANY USB game controller at the same time - I had to physically unplug the keyboard for my system to become responsive while a controller was also plugged in and any app/game was querying it. I have NEVER had this kind of experience with any other USB keyboard/peripheral I've used, and I've thoroughly explained the steps I took to Corsair. as others have said - Corsair doesn't give a ****, they'll just blame Valve/Microsoft etc. because they refuse to fix their product and don't care about their customers because they already have their money. I will certainly NOT be buying Corsair peripherals in the future.
  20. And how many/what are the specs of your "in house" systems? 3 Skylake systems with $200+ motherboards? Given the number of issues reported in this forum I find it VERY hard to believe that you're not seeing any of these issues unless: 1.) The testing team is grossly incompetent. 2.) Your testing methodology is flawed. 3.) The test hardware is not varied enough (see 2)
  21. These issues are definitely a problem with their hardware/firmware/drivers/software, I've done everything reasonable to troubleshoot the issues with my K55 and the only thing that worked was uninstalling their CUE software and disabling their HID drivers. Granted, this is a separate issue from key flicker, but I even went so far as to buy a powered USB hub, and the issue still occurred.
  22. Yeah, they well and truly don't give a **** about their customers/their experience. I'm basically locked into the rainbow lighting on my keyboard because I can't run their software/drivers or my system locks up when trying to play a game that polls controllers with ANY USB game controller plugged in (360, Steam controller, cheap arcade panel, doesn't matter). I also can't use macros/hotkeys or any of that because it's all locked to their ****-tastic CUE software. They either don't properly lab test their hardware/software before release, or they release their products anyway, knowing they will malfunction for a percentage of their customers. It's a shame, because I like the feel of my K55/M65 Pro mouse, but can't take advantage of any of the extra features.
  23. And they want you to spend $100+ more for another buggy keyboard to do it. There is no technical reason you couldn't say, have all lighting zones set to a certain color on a keypress, you wouldn't get a "wave" effect, as there are only 3 lighting zones, and not individual key lights, but there's no technical reason (outside of Corsair's shoddy software) that this couldn't be done.
  24. I have to wonder what their testing methodology/setup is, or if they even do testing at all. Their drivers/software are buggy as hell, and they keep promising "fixes" in future versions that ultimately don't fix the issue. Corsair - hire some decent engineers/programmers (not some unproven kid fresh out of a CS program), assemble some decent testbeds (motherboards dating back further than 2 years), and debug/fix the issues. I don't care that it's "difficult", every other manufacturer somehow makes it work, and as customers, your internal processes are not our concern, the fact that your products/software aren't meeting basic standards is.
  25. Yep, I was gifted a K55 Keyboard/M65 Pro mouse in December and in my ~25 years of computing, I have never had so many issues with a USB device. Mainly the keyboard. I can't have the keyboard plugged into my system (ANY port, tried them all, even bought a powered hub, still no luck) and use a USB joystick/gamepad at the same time, it just locks up whatever program/game is querying it UNTIL I unplug the keyboard, then it springs to life. That is patently ludicrous, and have never seen something like that with ANY other keyboard I've owned. disabling the HID drivers and uninstalling CUE fixed it, but then I lose all extra functionality/customization. At least the keyboard/mouse still have a nice feel, but losing the customization is unfortunate. I have tried updating my USB chipset drivers, Windows, moving the controller and keyboard to different ports on the computer, nothing worked. And of course their only "advice" is the boilerplate "re-install software, reset firmware" etc. (those didn't work either). They also hilariously keep insisting that this is an issue that is isolated to Steam, and it's all Valve's fault, despite this occurring even when Steam is closed. It's definitely their drivers/firmware, but they won't admit it. They well and truly don't give a ****, and in the future when this keyboard/mouse stop functioning I won't be buying another Corsair peripheral (or indeed, likely ANY of their products.) Absolutely shameful support.
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