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  1. I was trying to clean my wrist pad on my k95, so being the idiot I am I removed it and smack it against my hand to remove some dust only to find that it was a little bent out of shape. So what do I do? Well of course try to bend it back which lead to over bending and completely f**king up the entire wrest pad and so, i gave up and formed it into the McDonald's M symbol as i have given up hope for it. Please Corsair we need replacement wrist pads ,😭
  2. My k95 rgb has a buzzing sound underneath the number pad section and is most audible when the rgb is at full brightness. Is there something wrong with my keyboard? And I read that corsairs warranty rule requires me to have a receipt or proof of evidence that I bought the keyboard which I don't since I threw out the receipt and was paid by cash so it doesn't show up in my bank statement. Someone help please.
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