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  1. I just purchased this and so far it's nice but have to get used to not having a widescreen again. I have been unable to get the set up in ICUE to work. Have connected the USB-C cable and still will not show up in ICUE 4
  2. I'm in the middle of my 1st computer build with custom water cooling. Have a Corsair MP600 Pro 2TB and a MP600 Force Series 2TB M.2 I want to install Windows on the Pro but since both drives must be installed in advance (due to custom water cooling access) How do I know which one is which when installing Windows? It will just show 2 drives, both with the same amount of space avail. Both are preformatted. The Pro is A drive and the Force is the B, will it show the drive letter on the install so I can pick the correct one? Really do not want to take the loop apart to install the Force drive after installing windows. Will be a major pain.
  3. I purchased the ICUE 5000X RGB and the XD7 pump reservoir. Have not started the build yet as waiting a a few more parts. There is no documentation that I can find about the fan/lighting connections on the back of the case and how to use them. Also I expect to be using 7 fans as there will be 2 360 radiators and one rear case fan. How do you set this up with 7 fans. Do I use a commander Pro?
  4. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, downgraded ICUE and even swapped out new RGB hubs and commander Pro all to no avail. The #1 fan would work but all 5 fans after that would flicker, change random colors and go dark at random times. This is not a software issue. It is the fans. I unplugged number 1 and moved it to number 6 and moved all others down a slot and now everything works. The LL120 fans are like cheap Christmas lights. One light out and all after are screwed up. Just try it.
  5. Well you are absolutely correct. I switched them to LL fans and they all came on. Thank you very much! I feel like a dope..lol
  6. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/Richcarp/link1_zpshaz76xgu.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/Richcarp/Link3_zpsfomyrrxz.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/Richcarp/DSC_0494_zpsar2zclge.jpg
  7. I have the LL 120RGB fans (6) installed and 5 are working perfectly with Link. When I 1st installed Link and did an update for a few seconds all 6 were working, then the 6th fan stopped lighting up and Link will not show it. I know the fan is working properly but it will not show in Link. Any ideas?
  8. I just completed my Coffee lake build with a Asus Maximus Hero X. The only link issue I have is the 6th LL120 RGB fan will not light up. I did a firmware update and it did briefly so I know it works, but when I restarted the link cannot "see" that fan again.
  9. Can someone please direct me to where I can purchase this Corsair item for my case? I need it to bock off the wiring. Should have been included with the case.
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