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  1. To best honest, i doubt they'd introduce a new model yet... I just recommend going with a custom build because you can upgrade on the whim and not deal with having to buy a whole new system because your corsair one failed. that is my only issue with c1's, is the ability to not be able to upgrade on your own besides maybe the ram and hdd. Personally think thats where corsair failed because people have to upgrade as time progresses, so If I want to replace a motherboard or GPU. I should be able to without having to rip apart the whole system....
  2. Now im waiting for my corsair one from Hong Kong..... Apparently nobody in California or USA had the $2299 model, even though its available on the webstore. Oh well hopefully the issue is solved with this unit.
  3. I have no major issues with corsair Every issue i've ran into, corsair was their to make it right no matter the issue even if their is a delay sometimes. that is okay so thank you for making everything right with customers
  4. Looks like things are shaping up now with KECIA :bigeyes::biggrin:
  5. I am still waiting for a response from MarkAnthony TS for over a week now.... :(::(: He was supposed to talk to "superiors" about what options were on the table, but I feel that should have happened by now.
  6. I hope so, I work in online customer support over LIVE chat due to my disability.. I am deaf so it is hard to do the express RMA unfortunately. I'm assuming they need my credit card over the phone, which I can't even hear them If I tried.... I already proved I sent my original unit to get replaced and they only tried to fix it.... i just want a NEW working unit at this point. I wish they would just send me a advance RMA without a hold cause of my hearing and allow me to ship mine once the new once arrives. If I send it for a standard RMA, i'm basically gonna get written up by my manager and terminated for not doing my job cause of the defective system that I already sent in once before and missed work before for a RMA previously only to get sent back the same defective unit instead of the so called DEFAULT NEW unit :(::[pouts:
  7. Not sure where you got this info of me buying it from a 3rd party. I purchased it directly from Corsair, so... https://imgur.com/OKkY4hb
  8. here you go, wired https://imgur.com/zakgzvA Asked them on my ticket, i even asked again saying I was told by dustin what he said above prior to RMA and even when they had possesion of the system So as you can imagine how frustrated i would be, when you are being told by default i'd be sent a new unit and getting the same one back with the same faulty issues. $2500 is alot of money to me, and I work fairly hard for my stuff so I just want to enjoy what I paid for. I apologize for the complaints, but my income relies on having access to a working computer So my frustrations isn't due to just a faulty system, my job is kinda on the line when I have to RMA the system on top of it hardly working now,
  9. i will post until i get a working system... Paying $2500 for a pile of **** isn't actually easy to deal with... easy for you to say when u have a working computer Been lied to about getting a DEFAULT NEW UNIT, I will continue to let people know not to buy these until all issues are fixed. My system can't even be set to GEN 2, which is known to be a problem/recall batch of systems
  10. The only FIX I managed to find was constantly reinstall files in advanced troubleshoot F8 I CAN NEVER SHUT OFF / RESTART OR UPDATE THE SYSTEM which will cause me to constantly re-install the files and drivers. I FEEL CORSAIR can send me a new Unit in advance at this point because I trusted you guys with my RMA downtime to still get a DEFECTIVE unit in the END (Even though I was supposed to be GIVEN A NEW UNIT BY DEFAULT ) Maybe corsair will give me a upgraded with a 1080 Ti at this point for the HEADACHES lol....
  11. I initially loved the small design of the C1 However, after these issues, I've grown to hate it and wish I went custom build. I rma'd it once, got sent back the same system and the Fix did nothing I was able to login which led me to believe it was fixed, HOWEVER, once I started updating is where the problem begins. After any Update/ Shutdown or Restart, the system will no longer boot up to the log in screen or display nothing which makes the monitor turn off cause no display is showing. I have to F8 advanced troubleshoot and REPAIR and go into REMOVE FILES AND REINSTALL everything. I shouldn't have to DO this every time i want to shutdown the computer or restart for an UPDATE i rely heavily on my computer for work, so I can't have downtime for a week, I NEED A NEW SYSTEM like CORSAIR DUSTIN SAID IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A NEW UNIT BY DEFAULT... 12/11/2017: First RMA request 12/19/2017: Corsair gets my C1 and tries to repair it instead and didn't send a default new unit like i was told by corsair dustin. 12/23/2017: Received C1 back and discovered it worked for a short period and started to present issues after any update or shutdown, even had issues restarting the PC itself and would not go into sleep mode. 12/23/2017: Made a ticket to Corsair support about recent RMA fixing nothing, requested help once again. 1/5/2018: STILL NO NEW COMPUTER, NO HELPFUL RESPONSE FROM SUPPORT SINCE 12/30/2017 1/8/2018: Progress being made, contacted by CS about my replacement and should be good in about a week
  12. for me they tried to repair the issue however now I'm assuming i'll get a newer unit, u should emphasize on being sent a new unit once u send your old one my issue was solely with anytime I restarted or updated and restarted or shutdown, I couldn't get to the login screen at all It required me to f8 advanced troubleshoot, remove all of my files and install everything all over again.
  13. it looks like u used amazon, so read what i said above, had to edit
  14. check your fan settings with the link program and look at the temps You could have CORSAIR RMA a working TOP FAN if its that fan making the loud noise if you feel comfortable. Otherwise you will have to send it back to them after New years so make a support ticket here https://support.corsair.com/ - They do offer ADVANCED RMA's where they put a hold on a credit card, send you a advance replacement and you ship it back once your new one arrives, funds get returned. - Standard RMA is you send them your system and they fix the issue and either send a new Unit or fix the problem and pay nothing Since you ordered from AMAZON, there support is amazing and usually they'll refund or send a working replacement if you good enough with words. Amazon is usually faster however
  15. Its all good, Thank you for being responsive as you are However I was SENT the SAME unit, i sent them a week ago and it was running up to the point until I had to update thats where everything went SOUTH i was really hoping for a NEW unit like you stated but now im stuck at step 1 again currently have it working once again after a ADVANCED RESET.....
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