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  1. Anyone know what to do? Am I the only one experience this?
  2. It kind of loud now while idleing. How to fix?
  3. Appreciated it. :D: Now, I can finally finish my build.
  4. 1.Each LL series fans have 2 headers, so with a commander pro + lighting hub, their both speed and lighting effect can be controlled? 2.I also have rgb led lighting node expansive kit. With 4 rgb strips, is 1 led slot enough? So plus lighting hub, 2 led slots needed? or I need add another lighting node pro for total 3 slots usage? Thanks for answering, I spent 2 hours to research that since I thought commander pro can replace both lighting node pro and lighting hub. :roll:
  5. Thanks for being help. :D:
  6. Well, bad news to my wallet. :roll: I have a corsair 760t case with LL series 5 fans now and a h115i, so how many onboard usb2.0 port do I need? My motherboard have 2 usb2.0.
  7. Does lighting hub or corsair link not inlucde RPM control? I bought combo 3 fans with lighting hub and lighting node pro. So I feel money get wasted if buy a commander pro.
  8. I have corsair LL 120mm series fans 3pack with rbg lighting hub and Lighting Node PRO, 2x 140mm LL series fans and a 60cm rbg led lighting pro Expansion Kit. So can 120mm and 140 run at same hub? Do I need a commander pro? Thanks.
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