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  1. Definitely I agree with you, this should be sent out for free for the people already own the case
  2. No he hasn't got back to me I also pm him as and still no response, I'm also a YouTuber and will be doing a review on corsair on my 570x build red and white mine is and this shroud and the blog and corsair it self will be taken under my review. My channel is BMWMFAN,NJ manly its gaming but I do reviews on limited edition products
  3. Hello I'm from the UK. Will I be able to purchase it please get back to me if it's possible
  4. I'm still waiting everyday I've been checking for two weeks called corsair twice and I've added the item in my wish list and still no updates of when this is going to be available.
  5. Okay, why can't they order loads so we can buy.
  6. Where did u purchase yours as I can’t find it. I’m also from UK and can’t find it
  7. Hi I’m from the UK and I can’t seem to find one here can someone help me buy it please like a link to where I can purchase it please
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