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  1. Anyone knows what happened to K65 MK.2 project?
  2. Does anyone know if these are going to come out? I want to buy a k65 rgb rapidfire but also want to wait for the MK.2.
  3. Corsair needs to update K65 Mk.2 board. Developers should hear us.
  4. Bump! developers should make k65 with mk.2 brown version!
  5. Those new mk2 k70 and mk.2 strafe boards are cool and awesome. But i want to k65 mk.2 board with rgb corsair logo.
  6. This new board needs to come with K65!!! I don't use numpad.
  7. Razer have RGB effect on their logo but Corsair haven't updated past 5+ years now.
  8. I saw K65 with Brown switches on amazon.de https://www.amazon.de/Corsair-CH-9000228-Performance-Multi-Colour-Mechanische/dp/B015C9Y658/ Why K65 with Brown switches doesn't exists in US?
  9. K95 Platinum with Cherry MX Speed switches. I wanted to sell my K95 and switch to K70 Lux with Cherry mx Silent switches it's good move or not? I like typing so much.
  10. I have K95 Platinum with Cherry MX switches i have headache problems i can't use this keyboard. Should i sell this keyboard and switch to K70 Lux with Silent switches?
  11. Why not? Razer, Logitech, Asus, have RGB effect on their logo. Corsair only K95 platinum have this. Also they're updated water cooler with RGB effect logo.
  12. Only K95 Platinum have this. Please update K63/K65/K68/K70 and make RGB logo on "Corsair" logo.
  13. Why K65 Rapidfire price at Amazon is high as $180+? Original site cost is $139 but doesn't ships to my country.
  14. I'm looking for Corsair TKL keyboards, my favourite switch is Cheery MX Browns. It's not available?
  15. Please make K95 Platinum with TKL version or reduce K65 Rapidfire price at Amazon. I liked K63 with red switch board but i want with RGB (Corsair logo included), Cherry Speed and volume wheel. Thanks.
  16. - Keyboard LEDs light up at power on - keys don't work though in POST (BIOS, System Password etc.) - USB Legacy is activated - Different USB Ports (2.0 and 3.0) tested - Usual Dell USB keyboard works without problems (!!) - BIOS Switch not existing on this keyboard anymore - Polling Rate lowered to 8ms didn't help - Keyboard Firmware and BIOS up to date. Motherboard: Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Day 2: Second day with my keyboard. Evey thing was working fine. Today typing works but nothing else. No lights do not work at all. CUE software says keyboard status is "malfunction". Software keeps asking for a firmware update. Keyboard has newest firmware (just updated yesterday). Tried updating firmware but after 10 min firmware update did not go throu. Can i please get some support here?
  18. I and about 15 million other people use a keyboard that has the letters Ğ, Ü, Ş, İ, Ö, Ç on them. I've tried to find images of your keyboards that show these keys but I've failed. My biggest wish/dream is to get a K70 that have these keycaps/letter s on them. My searches on this forum (results from 2012 & 2013) say that you don't have keycap replacements. Getting a German keyboard layout would be the closer to what I'm asking for as they have both Ä & Ö on their keyboards (as far as I know always). So if I try to simplify my questions. 1. Do you now offer your customers to buy keycap replacements for any/all keys? 2. Have you for any backlit keyboard made any of the letters Ğ, Ü, Ş, İ, Ö, Ç? 3. If not would you consider making a keyboard layout for us?
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