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  1. Anyone knows what happened to K65 MK.2 project?
  2. Does anyone know if these are going to come out? I want to buy a k65 rgb rapidfire but also want to wait for the MK.2.
  3. Corsair needs to update K65 Mk.2 board. Developers should hear us.
  4. Bump! developers should make k65 with mk.2 brown version!
  5. Those new mk2 k70 and mk.2 strafe boards are cool and awesome. But i want to k65 mk.2 board with rgb corsair logo.
  6. This new board needs to come with K65!!! I don't use numpad.
  7. Razer have RGB effect on their logo but Corsair haven't updated past 5+ years now.
  8. I saw K65 with Brown switches on amazon.de https://www.amazon.de/Corsair-CH-9000228-Performance-Multi-Colour-Mechanische/dp/B015C9Y658/ Why K65 with Brown switches doesn't exists in US?
  9. K95 Platinum with Cherry MX Speed switches. I wanted to sell my K95 and switch to K70 Lux with Cherry mx Silent switches it's good move or not? I like typing so much.
  10. I have K95 Platinum with Cherry MX switches i have headache problems i can't use this keyboard. Should i sell this keyboard and switch to K70 Lux with Silent switches?
  11. Why not? Razer, Logitech, Asus, have RGB effect on their logo. Corsair only K95 platinum have this. Also they're updated water cooler with RGB effect logo.
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