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  1. I had the same thing here. My first unit was really quiet, but it died. I got a replacement unit but it was loud. I got that replaced but was sent another unit that was loud. There is no point me trying to get this replaced because most likely I will get another loud unit. I wish I could get my first unit back and try and fix it myself. I guess there must have been a change of components from the first run of machines to the later run of machines. I wish someone could just explain what the source of the noise is and what I can do to fix it, but nobody seems to be able to tell my anything helpful to solve the problem. I feel misled by the marketing too, especially after having had a quiet unit. It was wonderful.
  2. Okay so I opened up the machine and did a bit of investigating and found that the annoying part of the noise is not coming from pumps or fans but from the rear of the unit towards the top. The pumps are pretty much white noise, which I don't mind. But the noise at the top and back is a tone. I couldn't see what this is coming from, but it is directly behind the button you press to pop off the top fan. Is it the power supply?
  3. Yeah I measured the ambient noise as well which was 35dB, so the Corsair runs 2.5dB above ambient. I guess this is not much so I'll deal with it. I just remember my previous model being inaudible when on the desk next to me which is no longer true with this model. Do you think I could do anything to dampen the pumps to the body? Like screw them in tighter or put a rubber washer in-between them and the main body, or shield them with something? I'll try the air bubble trick. Thanks!
  4. My decibel meter finally arrived. I measured the noise at idle at about 2 feet away and it registered 37.5dB. Is this in the realm you would expect or is this noisy? Thanks, Dom
  5. I can hear it from across a room, and it cuts through noise cancelling head phones, so it is annoying when it is about 1m away. And this wasn't an issue with the first unit I had, so I'm mainly noticing the difference with this replacement. It could be that I had an exceptionally quiet model the first time around, but I have ordered a decibel meter so I can give you an accurate reading when it arrives. Could you possibly tell me what should I expect to measure? I think I read somewhere that it was 20dB at 1 meter, is that correct?
  6. The main noise is coming from the right hand side (looking from the front) towards the top. On the left hand side there is also a fan like clicking noise. And here is a cap of clink.
  7. Hey StormShadow, The serial number is: 0006182306817 I'm not sure what the part number is, but this is on the bottom of the case above the serial number: CS-9000011 There is also this above the barcode: RCS0003 And from the corsair one diagnostics I got these Product: Corsair One BIOS Version String: 4.C1 Yeah I'm hearing the noise constantly. It is a tone like a high D on a guitar, which makes me think it is some kind of resonance.
  8. Good to hear it worked out for you, after 2 replacements I still have a noisy machine. I wish they could test them before they sent them out, and only send quiet machines as replacements. Or just work out what causes the noise and stop manufacturing machines with it.
  9. Hi has anyone worked out how to fix the Corsair One fan pump noise. I had a system that was quiet, but it kept crashing so after an RMA request I sent it in for a replacement. Unfortunately my return unit had the same pump noise as these posts. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=175214 http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=175202 http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=171545 After another RMA, I got a third unit which was also noisy so I sent it back. This last replacement took over a month to get to me which was really frustrating and I don't really want to go though the same arduous process again, only to get another noisy unit. It is so frustrating after my first unit was a quiet one. So I'm looking at fixing it myself, does anyone know what the source of the problem is and how to fix it? If not I'm just going to sell the darn thing. Thanks, and sorry for moaning. Dom
  10. Hi Alan, yes I took a look at the cable, it seemed fine and neatly tied. So do you think it could be rattling against something? What do you think I should do with it?
  11. When I play videogames the main fan at the top of the machine starts to buzz, and not just the normal noise from it going faster, this is definitely something rettling. I can make it stop by lightly squeezing/rocking the case but then it normally comes back after a minute. I popped the lid open to see if the fan was screwed down properly and the 4 screws fixing the fan in place are nice and tight so no problem there. I couldn't see anything else wrong. Has anyone else had this problem/know how to fix it? Thanks!
  12. There is a setting in the BIOS that fixes the issue without having to change the PCI express cable. See this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=170302
  13. Hey try the BIOS setting change described in this thread, it worked for me: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=170302
  14. I had the same issues with frame tearing/pixellation on online video, crackling audio through HDMI and displayport connections and cracking audio. I submitted a ticket and technical support got back to me promptly and suggested I try changing the PEGO to Gen 2 in the BIOS. This has worked perfectly for me, so if you have those problems try this first. And thanks for the great tech support corsair! I'm slightly worried that this problem only started recently and kept getting worse, suggesting that something (the PCI express cable?) was getting damaged. But everything seems to be working fine after a week since changing the BIOS setting, so fingers crossed there is no damage.
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