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  1. Hi All , anyone knows if the caps are fitting on the LL120 too ? Cheers,
  2. Hi All , this could be a silly thread since there is a sticky already (but not up to date to latest AGESA), but someone tested by chance the kit CMR16GX4M2C3200C16W for Ryzen on premium MoBo's ? anybody achieved 3200 ? On the corsair shop is a kind of advertised as AMD platform support but in the kit specs is not really clear . Of course the kit will work on AM4 , not sure if at 3200 . I love this kit ! Thanks in advance for the help !
  3. lol .... well I have a TT Core P3 case . Running stock Ryzen cooler and I can wait a bit ... but the whole right side of my rig is empty and a 360 AIO is the missing part .. or a custom loop. Since an EK custom waterblock for crosshair hero vi is not a budget option and the corsair 360 AIO ETA is currently "unknown" , I will probably go for a deepcool captain 360 RGB white since close to xmas , my rig must look like a Xmas tree extension lol . I prefer get a Corsair since my rig is 30% made with their parts, so the 360 will complete the set , but I'm not up to wait till freaking 4ever :)
  4. Hi All , 1000$ question :) , there is an update on this subject? any chance to see the 360 AIO in 2017 ? Thanks !
  5. Hi All , My first post and I would like already thanks more experienced users that might help me out . I'm building from an LGA1155 to an AMD x370 and I would love to re-use my RM750i , but on the ROG that I would like to purchase (Hero VI), I see an 8+4 CPU power connector and I'm not sure if I can use my PSU cabling " out of the box" or if there is a Corsair spare part as adapter (apparently I could not found it) , or simply will work as it is now (default cabling). GPU will be a VEGA I'm planning moderate CPU OC (Ryzen 1700x) with Corsair DDR4 3200 and I'm not sure if this ROG might be a good fit for my Corsair PSU (which I'm proud of) . Thanks in advance to help me out guys ! Best,
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