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  1. Could someone tell me what's the maximum Amper limit of h100i? It is connected to Sata Power and has 2 fan headers on Pump. Somewhere here I read it was 1A but it was unclear if it is for total or for each fan headers, or it is just 1A for fans, pump everything. Thank you.
  2. My h100i led never worked fully or correctly until I upgraded the firmware.
  3. My radiator fans are running about 50% lower when connected to motherboard even slower than the silent profile on CL.
  4. If you are like me and can't find 6-32 30mm screws anywhere around, I am just dropping this thread for helping out people who google it. Corsair or any reseller don't have screws available here so I went with "EKWB Screw Set UNC 6-32 30mm (9046)" which is same. It's Allen screw. Bigger than M3, smaller than M4.
  5. It may be some air buble passing through pump.
  6. I was starting to have noise problems as well on my h100i I did everything including adding sewing machine oil to fan mill but it didnt help. Then one day I got mad and used much more oil on fans and noise is greatly reduced. Seems like sp120L fans require alot of oil. Not just 2 to 3 tiny drops.
  7. BTW, your temperatures look really low, can you share a picture of your case if possible? I would love to have a look at setup. What is ambient temp? Thank you.
  8. Hi, death_watch It's something to do with MSI boards, I have x99s sli plus and it also has that 127 degrees sensor. I checked forums earlier and people say nothing to worry about it.
  9. I suppose you don't have the kit for installing on AMD4 socket. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/am4-amd-retention-bracket-kit-for-hydro-series-coolers
  10. hello, mydonose. Until someone with experience gets to you, I would like to point out that your pump speed is looking high. Despite that, your CPU tempetature is looking normal. I have no idea why h115i lists only 1 fan speed, could be due design. Your h115i temperature can not be 100 Degrees, else then your CPU temps would be so high as well. Could you please, if you are able to, check all cable connections between Fans and the Heatsink, also check the cable that's between "CPU Fan socket - Heatsink". Also make sure two of your fans on radiator are spinning. Let us know how it goes.
  11. This is very informative post, thank you for sharing your experience. I am going to work on custom curve.
  12. Thank you c-attack again for you reply. h100i fans were grouped as h100i so I went ahead for custom fan curves, there was already a silent one as template so I hit "apply". Now h100i rpms are around 1100 rpm. I didn't touch case fans bcs they are always around 700 RPM and silent. What I wanted from this cooler is that without editing anything, RPMs would stay as low as possible and ramp up when needed. Now I need to make a correct fan curve for this. Balanced mode is really troublesome for me, in that picture fans are at 1650 and then at 25% CPU load and there you have 1900 RPM CPU fans. at 50% CPU you wouldn't want to stay near it haha, but then it's just blowing all the cold air. I've reverted one of the case fans so it's now blowing fresh air to heatsink, helping with lower idle RPMs. From what I've understand, motherboard is smarter on CPU fan control than Corsair Link program when it comes to automatic management.
  13. Hello and thank you for your reply, I re-connected fans to h100i and below are the overall temps on balanced profile and PC is idling at the moment, that 127°C is something to do with MSI boards, people say nothing to worry about. It's 3:31 AM and room temperature is about 25°C https://imgur.com/a/3SIRK
  14. Hello guys, I had an urge to finally make a thread here and explain myself for what I've been doing for a week. TL;DR: Stock fans don't go below 2000 RPM when on idling or small load. H100i is pushing air out from top of the case: This picture is before I made all the maintenance https://imgur.com/a/dGme9 It all started with h100i stock fans started to generate alot of noise no matter if computer is idle or on load and finally one day, my PC ended up with endless power loop, not even getting to boot screen. I've started with CMOS reset and it was fixed, then I saw my 4x4GB rams listed as 12GB at OS. I seated them again and that was also fixed. I made various stress tests and checked temperatures, did some hardware diagnostics and everything was seeming fine. But that h100i fan noise was not going away so I went ahead did the below things: Bought Cooler Master: MasterGel Pro and applied it to both CPU and GPU, replaced thermal pads on GPU memories as well. I have completely removed every fan in case, including H100i, GPU, cleaned them all and also applied sewing machine oil to them. Did cable management on entire case. Added 230mm fan to side panel to push more air into GPU and to the case. H100i had 1.0.5 firmware and CL v4 didn't offer firmware upgrade so I installed v3.2.5247 and updated firmware to 1.1.3 My notes are below: There was tiny bit of thermal paste left in h100i copper sink, I was shocked but 5820k having soldered IHS, heat transfer was okay. That MasterGel Pro is so hard to apply, being so intense. I don't use USB cable for CL, I plugged it and started monitoring stuff, pump temperature is around 32°C (ambient is more than 25°C) on idling or small load, crawling towards 38°C or more if load gets tougher. Pump RPM is always around 2100 (I read it is always like that no matter the load) and fans are 2000-2200 RPM on low to medium loads, going towards 2600 on full load. When I updated the h100i firmware, fans went down to 1600RPM (balanced mode) until I restarted PC, they were back to 2200ish. I hit Quiet mode 1300 Rpm and repeated stress test and CPU package was around 50-53°C. I read that fan RPMs are tied to Pump temperature and not to the CPU heat, When I max CPU fans in BIOS, they don't increase or lower. (Fan cables are connected to h100i). Manual set speeds change when they are directly connected to mobo. I have OC'd my CPU from 3.3Ghz to 4.5GHz and repeated many tests, on 4.5GHz stress test, CPU package was around 65°C. All seems fine, I am back to stock speed. When on idle, OC or not, fans spin fast and they blow really cold air, seems like they are working heavily for nothing. And today, I plugged h100i fans to Mobo, oh guys!, they were idling at 650 RPM and it was so quiet I had a shock =) How I missed silence. I was reading various forums and watching tons of video about h100i and fan noise, many people are complaining about stock fans are too noisy and replacing them. Then I spent couple of days trying to decide between alot of fans as a replacement. It seems that NF-12 (expensive) and Cougar Vortex 120mm PWM (cheap) good alternatives to try. Also, SP120 quiet edition to consider. It's not fair to compare 2600 RPM fans to 1500 RPM or lower fans, h100i stock fans also silent on same speeds. I even thought about replacing the coolant inside h100i, but then I don't have overheating issue. My questions are: If I use 4x fans for h100i. Will it lower RPM so I will have lower noise? Plugging CPU fans to mobo resolves the noise but then I feel missing something so I want to connect fans to heatsink as usual. I want to stay on Balanced mode but I want RPMs to be lower than 2000 when idling or on medium load. Don't want to lock fans to 1500 RPM, need them to vary speed according to load. To resolve all of this guess I need to replace fans with NF-F12 or equivalent, bcs they don't have high RPMs, but I am open to inputs from you guys as after all these stuff, I might be missing something to fix. In future, if I decide to OC, those slower fans feel like they will be inadequate to cool. Using High - Balanced - Medium profile don't change CPU/pump temps on idle or medium load. Came upon some great videos while searching for solutions: This guy is using custom mainboard tray and this timelapse build is amazing to watch: [ame] [/ame] How to clean a computer fan, simple: [ame] [/ame] Noctua NF-12 PWM: [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] Corsair H100i with Replacement Fans: [ame] [/ame] Cougar Vortex Push/Pull Water Cooler Corsair H100: [ame] [/ame] Fixing a clogged H100i pump: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OdWsP2fzjI[/ame] Corsair H100i Primer Modding Watercooling: Someone went crazy modding with his h100i [ame] [/ame] Noctua NF-F12 Review Corsair H100 including push pull: [ame] [/ame] This was a long post to read, if you did read, thank you so much. I wanted to share my trouble and findings, hope they will server others having similar problem in future. English isn't my native language, I tried to be informative as much as I could.
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