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  1. A lot of the comments over the last couple of pages have turned a bit snippy. Ultimately this is due to building frustration with the situation Corsair has chosen to place their customers in. But as far as the forum here is concerned, it was/is due to my being extremely vocal on the issue and the beta team trying to defend Corsair in their absence in the thread. The early parts of the thread are very important in an informative way, and as such, 2 days ago I decided to go through my posts here and delete anything that was of a commentary nature and leave anything that was diagnostic. Unfortunately, replies to some of that commentary are still here, and apparently generating more commentary. So, I would like to ask my fellow users to please stick to just being helpful and not let the thread devolve into a war of words that will eventually get the thread locked down. Things to realize before posting: -Users with Beta Team in their user tag are NOT Corsair employees, but loyal enough that they will defend Corsair feverishly. -Corsair employees have "Corsair" in their username, but will only appear on the forums to comment on the joke threads or similar. They WILL NOT address their customers issues here or ever admit any mistakes the company may have made. -If you do not work for Corsair, the frustration vented here is not directed at you. You may be the recipient, but you are not the target. It is impossible to hit a target that never shows up (see point #2). My point is, let's try to bring the tone down a bit and realize that the people you are communicating with did not cause your frustration, and though they cant technically resolve your frustration, they are trying to make the problem better until Corsair decides your particular problem is important enough to officially address.
  2. Not that it is unexpected, but just confirming that the high CPU utilization bug persisted trough Windows 10 preview build upgrade from 17686 to 17692.
  3. Well, I personally think people have been looking at it backward. Everyone is looking at the device definition XMLs. But, like you said too many devices are causing the issue to appear. So wouldn't it make more sense that the command processor that is reading the XML files is more likely at fault? Something "common" among the different device XMLs is tripping up the processor IMO. Early on in the conversation, someone compared the XML files of the H115i cooler between this build and the previous build. They found that only 10-12 lines had any difference and changing any of those lines made no difference in the problem.
  4. Really? The team has mostly been in Taipei up until Monday. Today is Thursday. The process is to identify as many issues as possible, write fixes for them, internally test said fixes, rewrite fixes when and where needed, and address any new issues created by changes made to address old issues. And, you think 3 1/2 business days is "enough" time? How about making sure you're not still asleep and dreaming when you decide to post how someone else is doing their jobs. BTW, if you look up many of my posts on these forums, I am very critical of Corsair, but only where it is realistic. I am definitely not a Corsair fanboi. If anything, I am considering replacing all of my Corsair equipment with other brands.
  5. Out of curiosity, are you guys referring to Void Pro USB or wireless? I have the wireless and lighting effects are active. I was running 14-20% CPU but to drop below 2% all I had to do was remove the H115i XML profile file.
  6. Oh Really? Well here is a real reason a Corsair employee should be choking on their coffee. A few days after receiving my $200 USD K95 Platinum RGB Gunmetal, I called in complaining that there was a defect in the volume roller switch. While scrolling up for volume up, there was a very noticeable scratching sound. This sound was not present while scrolling volume down. The tech on the phone tells me that is a known issue and that he was at that very moment using the same keyboard, and on his keyboard it was doing the same thing, and demonstrated to let me hear it. He then tells me that over time it will stop making the sound. I complain that it is obviously some kind of defect and for what I had paid I feel that the keyboard should be replaced with a non-defective one. Now swallow your coffee, would hate to have you actually choke on it, or god forbid, end up spitting it all over your keyboard.......... His reply? Just look up the problem on YouTube and you will discover what is causing the sound and how to fix it yourself. And with that, I ended our, IMO, unethical tech support inquiry. Had another issue with another product from the same order, but will save that story for another day. Suffice to say that though Corsair products look nice, IMO, build quality is questionable, and customer support is downright sewer level.
  7. Funny joke, but the serious answer is... Q: What are the last words of a dying Corsair fan? A: Forget trying to replace me under warranty! Corsair was trying to make me "PROVE" one of my H115i fan died, I finally gave up and spent over $65 USD to replace both fans with EK Vardars rather than them give up one of their $15 USD replacement fans. Nightmare story to be continued by quoting the Corsair employee in this thread.
  8. OK, just read DevBiker's post about the H115i being a known problem with this build.
  9. Well, I tried to eliminate each of the possibilities one at a time. Nothing I did had an effect. After each change, I exited and restarted the iCue software, then monitored the CPU usages for at least 2 minutes without doing anything else on the computer. Here are the things I did and in the order I did them. 1- Moved all XML files that did not directly pertain to my hardware to a sub-folder 2- Unplugged Void Pro Wireless USB Dongle 3- Unplugged Void Pro Wireless USB Cable 4- Moved Void Pro Wireless XML files to separate sub-folder 5- Unplugged ST100 Stand 6- Moved ST100 XML file to separate sub-folder 7- Unplugged MM800C 8- Moved MM800C XML file to separate sub-folder 9- Unplugged Glaive Mouse 10- Moved Glaive mouse XML file to separate sub-folder 11- Unplugged K95 Plat. USB pass-through port 12- Unplugged K95 Plat keyboard 13- Moved K95 XML Files to separate sub-folder Obviously, I was unable to "disconnect" my AXi1200 PSU or my H115i CLC. So as things stand now, I am typing this from my tiny tablet Bluetooth keyboard and using an old Logitech mouse atm. The only devices showing in iCue right now are the PSU and CLC. iCue is registering 10.2% CPU while minimized and 16.1% CPU load while closed to the system tray. iCue settings are as follows: Debug logging is unchecked Start on system startup, enable SDK, Show only connected devices are all checked OSD is not checked or enabled No items are assigned to the dashboard No items are checked in the sensor logging section What more can I provide testing for Sol?
  10. Void Pro & ST100 disconnected right now and absolutely zero change in load for icue. :(:
  11. From my Specs drop-down: Tairom's PC Specs Motherboard ASUS Maximus Formula IX Z270 Processor i7-7700k Memory G.Skilll Trident-Z RGB 3866MHz 32GB (4x8GB) Video Card # 1 ASUS Strix 1080 O8G Video Card # 3 [CPU AIO] Corsair H115i Hard Drive # 1 Samsung 850 Pro 256GB Hard Drive # 2 Samsung 850 Pro 256GB Hard Drive # 3 Seagate Firecuda 2TB Hard Drive # 4 Seagate Firecuda 2TB Hard Drive # 5 Seagate BarraCuda XT 2TB Hard Drive # 6 Seagate BarraCuda XT 2TB Optical Drive # 1 [Keyboard] Corsair K95 RGB Platinum (Gunmetal) Optical Drive # 2 [Mouse] Corsair GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse (Aluminum) & MM800C RGB Pad Power Supply Corsair AX1200i w/Custom MOD Cables Case NZXT H440 Black/Red Sound Card [Headphones] Corsair VOID Pro Wireless Gaming Headset Monitor Samsung C32F391 32-Inch Curved Monitor Operating System Windows 10 Redstone 5 Fast Ring Builds (x64) Flash Drive [stand] Corsair ST100 RGB - Premium RGB Gaming Headset Stand
  12. I am still at 15%+ CPU and that box has always been checked for me. But I did toggle it in hopes, but no go.
  13. I have always wondered, as an uninformed American, why in Europe a comma is used in place of a decimal point in numerical values.
  14. Mine are fully listed under my username using the drop-down "Tairom's PC Specs"
  15. Constant. The lowest I have seen it drop since rebooting 40 minutes ago was 14.7%. And all CPU utilization is measured with iCue minimized in the system tray, no dashboard or monitoring setup. A single-layered lighting link profile across all devices (Basic Rainbow Wave/Right/Medium) and default fan and pump profiles in the CCL.
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