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  1. Greetings all from Melbourne. I was just about to order an MSI Z490I UNIFY for my 2017 Corsair One Pro until I saw this post... the Z490I looks similar to the original Z270I apart from the additional heatsinks on the I/O ports. Will it fit using the original liquid CPU cooler or am I going to have a problem? I'm using the optical SPDIF port with an external DAC and the MSI Z490I seems to be the last MB in the market with SPDIF.
  2. Hi All, sounds like a few folks want to do exactly what I want to do: upgrade original 2017 Corsair One to support Win11. I don't really need higher performance, and I'm concerned about (1) heat with the latest 125W "K" processors and (2) maximum power draw from the 500W PSU, so after some research I'm planning to go with an older 10th gen MSI Z490I UNIFY motherboard and Intel Core i5-10500 (65W). It should equal if not outperform the i7-7700K, and retain the S/PDIF port that I use with a DAC (that port seems to have been dropped from newer MSI motherboards). In this post in the legacy Corsair forums there's a few pics of the 2017 Corsair One with new motherboards and even new GPU, so I expect it should be do-able, just very fiddly with the cabling: @EchoSierra I'm especially interested in your thoughts on this. From your comments above it sounds like this should be a pretty straightforward upgrade, but I've read there can be issues getting variable fan speed to work properly with the top-mounted chassis fan for minimum noise when using a generic MSI motherboard vs the Corsair specific MSI motherboard.
  3. Hi All, I chickened out of installing Windows 11 on my Corsair One (original first launch model) in case Microsoft really does prohibit Windows Update on the unsupported i7 CPU. I assume the Z270 motherboard can't accept an i8 or higher CPU, but could I swap out the CPU & MB for newer models in the same Corsair One chassis and keep everything else (GPU, disks, etc) the same?
  4. My unit was dead on arrival with a faulty SSD. I went through RMA last week and have a working unit now but fingers crossed the new SSD doesn't fail after a couple of months like yours! @Corsair, I've been using SSDs in three other computers for years and never had a failure - if this is an issue with your SSD vendor then you need to switch vendors and recommend users backup and replace their drives.
  5. Hi Technobeard, your head of tech support called me yesterday and promised advance replacement RMA for my DOA unit so hopefully I'll receive a working Corsair One Pro soon. In the meantime the support website fails for me on four different devices (3 laptops and 1 phone) on three different networks (home LAN, work LAN and 3G wireless). Attached are two screenshots from different devices of different errors and warnings. EDIT: Actually not "advance" replacement as they still need to receive the DOA unit in the nearest RMA location, which in my case is Taiwan. To speed up the process I took the unit to a UPS drop off location by taxi, but whole process is still likely to be 10 days.
  6. The Support website itself is dreadful, frequently hangs and times out, to the point that I've accidentally posted updates and attachments twice because it reports an error and just fails to refresh my last post
  7. Hi Alan, I replied your PM with my serial number and ticket ID. Clearing CMOS had no effect. For reference the SKU was CS-9000007-NA and unit was purchased direct from Amazon last week. I hope you can prod the support team into issuing the RMA, otherwise I see no other choice than to return the unit to Amazon for DOA refund.
  8. Hi Alan, it's great that you respond to OldTimer36, but there are two others on this thread with the exact same problem. I was about to return my Corsair One Pro to Amazon for full refund, but I finally got through to a human agent on the support line who said that Corsair would issue an RMA and send packing materials for me to return my Corsair One Pro to an RMA centre. I still haven't received email confirmation of that, or an update to my ticket in support, but I hope Corsair is genuine about supporting DOA units so I don't have to return to Amazon :-(
  9. +1 I received my $2199 Corsair One Pro last night and have exactly the same problem: it just won't start. The Live Chat agent and the "24 hour" support line are both useless and simply asked me to lodge an RMA, with the same "we will respond within 2 days" email message. In the last hour I've managed to install Win10 on the HDD (not the SSD) using a USD bootable thumbdrive. I suspect the SSD is a dud. Will try testing once I boot from HDD. EDIT: Was able to install Win10 on the HDD, but could not boot to it, so waste of time. Tried partition manager from a bootable USB and the SSD device is listed but fails if you try to format it.
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