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  1. Ticket #764378 is the ticket number , thanks
  2. Hi My M65 has just started sticking on left Mouse button ? when playing BF4 Is this a known problem ?
  3. What you need to do , as i found out Under the weight top right you will see a small button like a reset with a pin hold down a short time , reconnect the mouse remove the CRP disabled file . All should be fine then
  4. rongtw


    Hi the +5v jumps from 3.3 v to 5.4 v randomly , Link shows a constant +5 V running by itself . what happens is the Keyboard misses key strokes , and the mouse randomly slows down which is a pain while playing BF :(
  5. rongtw


    for some reason the screen grab dont work , try this link http://s1361.photobucket.com/user/ronwillsher/media/PSU_zpsgagbhxqv.png.html?o=0
  6. rongtw


    Hi , i have been having problems with my mouse and Keyboard , after trying several the problem persists . It has been suggested check my +5 volts on the PSU testing with HWINFO shows +5 v at 3.28 V ? is this considerd ok ? s1361.photobucket.com/user/ronwillsher/media/PSU_zpsgagbhxqv.png.html?sort=4&o=2
  7. Zotty , i have No problems with my Corsair HX750i or my Corsair H100i GTX , I do believe the Hardware is brilliant I had no problems with the Old M65 , But the M65Pro RGB :( The mouse is spot on its the CUE software that lets it down :( I have now got myself a Logitech G502 mouse which worked straight out the box
  8. They may have sold lots of hardware , but people who are new users will not know about the problems with software untill the try to use them
  9. Yes :( lots of post here Highlighting the fact that decent hardware is being let down by BAD software . No doubt Corsair will lose sales because if this
  10. TBH i have given up hope of CUE to fix this and work correctly
  11. I also see this now and again , BF1 and BF4 ? I have latest CUE , but i also saw it in previous cue offering :( have just tried the soft reset see what happens
  12. The USB unplug sound bug is back with this update
  13. Looks to have fixed the USB problem with my M65 Pro
  14. so it looks like i have to use my coolermaster mouse until they fix CUE . last month they said CUE 2.17 was getting released But nope :( Support say just try force firmware :( No help at all
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