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  1. First off, let it be known for me, opening up a PC for the first time is like watching a child learn to ride a bike for the first time. I grew up on Mac’s and old Laptops – so anything remotely resembling a PC DIY build is foreign to me. Hence I bought the Corsair One as a pre-build in the first place! Anyhow, my GTX 1080 decided to start stuttering at high loads, after various diagnostics, undervolting attempts, it’s apparent something was up with the V-Ram. This market isn’t great to buy a GPU in (we all know) but as my only PC and gaming station I needed my Destiny 2 fix. – So here goes the measurements, teardown and replacement of the CPU water cooled card with a new air-cooled RTX 2080 Super. https://imgur.com/a/bvJO2QD Opening up was easy, disconnecting the GPU wiring was fairly self explanatory, one thing I didn’t realise is that the one and only case fan is powered and controlled by the GPU’s AIO, so I had to rush out and get a janky cable adapter/extension to re-power that on. Like in wood-working, I measured 2-3 times the GPU size and dimensions before consulting the SFF PC GPU size master list to see what met the requirements in length and heigh. I played fairly conservative, but in reality I was limited by what was available here in NZ and what wasn’t going to hamstring my personal finances for a future SFF build, which will be my 1st pc build. The GPU install was supremely simple infact. I’ve since ordered a 4pin PWM(?) extension cable to directly link the fan to the motherboard in the future, hopefully tidying up the cables in the case improving airflow. Following a few online guided I also managed an undervolt setup to keep the GPU a little cooler as well as minimise the power draw from the SF400 still in the PC. I’ve a SF750 on the way, however at the moment it’s still running fine with the 400W PSU even after hours of playing Destiny 2. That’s all really. I still think a 3090 can be added with a custom GPU loop into the existing radiator. However finding one with the right width is the challenge since the ASUS EKWB block has the 1/4 inch water ports on the side of the gpu effectively widening the size of the card. Only option that would fit would be a FE edition card to then apply the EKWB water block that has the ports at the end of the GPU. The corsair One has enough height in the case and space at the bottom for a mini pump to connect to the existing radiator and new GPU system. Just need to find the unicorn (a FE 3090 GPU at MSRP) Thanks for reading. Like I say, I’ve never built a PC before, I got the Corsair One because it was prebuilt and had a tidy design aesthetic much like my Macs :P
  2. Can it be done? Original Corsair One Case (usb & HDMI at the top front) i7 7700k CPU GTX 1080 GPU Target build: A new Watercooled 3080/3090 and a Mobo & CPU upgrade to boot. This would require a full reworking of the internals. Can it be done? Corsair - are you able to help? I'm in NZ so 'taking my machine to an official "corsair repair shop" is a bit harder to do over here. HAS it been done? Aside from the dimensional puzzle for the GPU and re-plumbing the existing Radiator AIO into a new GPU w/ a waterblock and small pump. What have people on this forum done with their 'old' C1's with a 1070/1080 card? My other consern was the existing PSU which will need taking up to 750W. Currently its sitting at the top of the machine w/ the CPU beneath it. I know corsair have re-worked the 'newer' machines with the PSU at the bottom, but I'd like to know why? Was this for thermals? Geometry w/ modern cards? Geometry I could try and find a work around, but thermals would be an issue. Corsair, are you able to supply a revised radiator AIO compatable w/ the modern cards? I'm sure some of you reading this would think, just sell the case and buy a new corasir when it comes out, but for the engineer within me seems like a waste! Also Cosair pushed the 'it's upgradable' line on initial release. Yup, it's a challenge. But has anybody tried this themselves with the older C1 cases? Any mods at all? I'd be interested to hear about. :)
  3. Hey man, I hope you can keep us posted on how this turns out? I've an "old" GXT 1080 Corsiar One I'd be looking to upgrade, if it's a case of direct contact with Corsair to 'purchase replacement parts' i'd be interested to see how your case turns out. Granted you're looking to repair yours, but a new Rad might be required if I wanted to do a full overhault on this PC. It might not be the most straightforward option, however if it means my now 3yr old machine can keep going, that'd be great.
  4. I’m seeking a bit of advice on my Corsair One Pro (Mark 1 Case). It’s currently running the original GTX 1080 and the i7-7700k specs with the SFX 80 Plus Gold PSU. It runs Destiny 2 really well, and although it might be comparatively ‘old’ due to the usual instant PC obsolescence, I do not have any issue with it aesthetically or performance wise at the moment. Looking into the ‘future’ it depends if “D3” or FF7 will be able to run on it in 4k resolution. In the future I’m also looking to upgrade my monitor soon (4k/144Hz/wide screen), so "Pixel Pushing Power" will become more important. I’ve seen a couple of JayzTwoCents videos of him upgrading the newer Corsair One case designs, but I was wondering just how ‘future proof’ the original case was/is? If I wanted to go up to say… a flagship i9 processor and GTX 2080 TI can I still make it fit in the original case? If not, is it worth me selling this one, taking the hit of the current depreciation, and buying a newer model with the updated case design that might be slightly more upgradable? I do travel regularly, so I also have considerations on going properly SFF; however, I like the unique aesthetic of the One and there still does not seem to be anything rivalling it on the PC market. I’m fully aware of how much a pain in the butt it will be to upgrade any Corsair One product, but ‘can it be done’? with a bit of patience (and no major drilling, cutting tools!) Does anybody else have the original Corsair Once case? Have you upgraded it yet? Thoughts on what you might do? Thanks in advance! :)
  5. Thanks zguy85 for the response :) I'm quietly excited for it to arrive. De-lidding and re doing the paste on the chip is something I'd rather avoid; as although I'm capable of following instruction, i'd rather not do it on a machine straight out the box. Thanks for the update re- the software. Time saved there straight away! :) Truthfully I've a Samsung 27" Curved Gaming monitor atm which isn't 4k, and after this purchase it'll be a while before I upgrade that screen. The curve and size is plenty immersive for me atm. But it's nice to know this can still just about handle things without a GPU upgrade straight away. I'm thinking if it struggles with Twitch nativley, I've always my MBP laptop I could use to handle that with a capture card I use for my PS4. :)
  6. Hi, So I've a Corsair One Pro 1080 [no ti :( ] on its way over to me and I'm curious from owners of the 1080 setup in terms of how they're finding it? People seem to be doing system wipes on arrival, is there really that much bloatware? I've actually purchased it with Destiny 2 in mind, and for twitch streaming. .... Thoughts? - These reports of CPU's running hot? Will it be an issue at 4k? I know Twitch can take it out of a CPU like the i7... I was tempted by AMD Ryzen 7 and its multi core capabilities, especially with the new mini ITX motherboards on their way, will they fit into the Corsair One Pro case? I know its a mini ITX MSI mobo in them at the moment, and I'm certainly not looking to swap the chipset out on arrival (although I do wonder if I need to do a full system wipe?)... But it would be cool to know if there'll be an AMD version? As I know the AMD's play nicely with the NVidia 1080 family to make a beast of a multitasker for the likes of Twitch streaming. Hope this all makes sense! :) P.S. Anybody 'hackintoshed' it yet? :o
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