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  1. Is it called double typing or something? It seems Corsair's keyboards produced in 2015 or 2016 may have such kind of problems.
  2. I just had my K95 (brown switch) a week ago. And I notice that there is a spring noise from the right CTRL switch. Other switches may have a spring noise but it's not loud, not easy to hear. The most easy-to-hear one is from my right CTRL button. Is it normal? Well I know it does not have an impact on usage, and I don't think I need to contact the customer service. Just curious.:confused: And, I just heard from another K95 user that he could hear spring noises from many of his switches:eek:. It might be a quality control problem. Check the video here (turn down your subwoofer if you don't hear a clear sound): [ame] [/ame]
  3. Maybe you should directly contact their customer service and request for an exchange. Corsair doesn't have a good QC. My next keyboard may not be a Corsair one.
  4. The sound is similar to my K95's space bar's. Some say Corsair does not do well in QC. Maybe the space bar noise proves that :D
  5. Sorry I cannot stop laughing when you say "like a banana" :D I have had my K95 for about 1 week and the space bar changes nothing. When did you buy your K95?
  6. Hi, I'm also in Toronto. I'm looking for blue switch keyboards and I put K70 LUX cherry blue into my consideration. I read through those replies and found all bad news. Your update is a piece of good news as for me. I wonder if they would have discounts or promotion on K70 in near future or not.
  7. I had this problem. I think it is a bug. CUE occasionally set the default profile to the highest priority. And then I deleted the default profile, and now my profiles won't change their priorities.
  8. I use an M65 PRO RGB only and I cannot observe any GPU activity related to CUE:confused:
  9. I'm using Windows 7 and everything works perfectly!
  10. This is not happening on my laptop. I'm using a laptop version GTX thus the NV control panel has limited functions and I cannot check GPU activities on NV control panel. But I use COMODO KillSwitch to check my GPU activities and the result is: -CUE.exe *32 is not using any GPU and 0 GPU memory usage; -dwm.exe is using some GPU (fluctuating from 0.2% to 30%) and it takes 15.82 MB GPU memory. -firefox.exe and csrss.exe use less than 1% GPU.
  11. 160 MB doesn't seem to be "a lot". But CUE in my system uses only about 77 MB memory. Anyway I have 16 GB in total, so who cares about the 100 or 200 MB memory?
  12. Maybe you should contact their technical support. Well, I think your idea is good. If I were Corsair's engineer, I wouldn't ignore this post.
  13. Try to set the key binding/mapping in the games. You may bind the zoom-in function to the mouse sniper button if your games support the sniper button. But I don't expect many games supporting it. I tried macros and they didn't work. When you map a function to your sniper button, its original function, the extremely low DPI, won't work, and is replaced instead.
  14. I just bought a new M65 Pro RGB from Amazon two weeks ago. It works perfectly. I believe it should be an individual problem. Maybe you should buy from other sellers.
  15. Does it happen on K70 series keyboards only? I'm planning to buy a K70 LUX RGB but now the plan is delayed after hearing so much similar reports. I have an M65 Pro RGB mouse working and the CUE works normally; your problem does not occur on my laptop and mouse currently. If it is only caused by the K70 keyboard, I would not buy it. And I also heard about the LED noise of K70. Bad news.
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