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  1. do you have a profile for Star citizen ? (strafe rgb) Keymap---> https://i.redd.it/owug75ikra201.png
  2. uff What a pity, it was such a practical system. In future it will have to download them by hand then?
  3. Buenas, estoy intentando descargar perfiles desde corsair utility engine y al darle al boton importar de la ultilidad, no funciona, no hace nada. Tampoco muestra previsualizacion al pinchar sobre un perfil ya sea modo estandar como avanzado. Probe reeinstalar la ultilidad pero sigue igual. Alguien conoce alguna solucion por favor? Boton importar no hace ninguna accion gracias
  4. Hi, first sorry for my bad english. I have a problem, I am trying to download profiles from corsair utility engine and when I click on the import button, it does not work, it does not do anything. It also does not show previsualization when clicking on a profile. Probe re-install the ultility but it remains the same. Does anyone know any solution please? Button import not work Tanks
  5. tanks my friend for response.
  6. someone who can help me with my doubt please?
  7. Hello, I have to place in the 570x, a thermaltake riing premiun 360mm. Enter the front? should something be modified? Also I have to put a gtx 1080 with a gigabyte z370 gamming 5 and 2 disks of 3.5 + 1 sdd
  8. Hello, does the 570x enter a 360mm thermaltake in the front? What do you think, will something have to be modified? Also I have to put a gtx 1080.
  9. eslok

    Corsair 570x

    Hi, I'm about to buy the 570x but I have a question, to see if they help me solve it. The case will be placed horizontally instead of vertical, what I need to know is : 1¿ can you remove the two supports that you have in its lower part ? http://cdn.overclock.net/6/6b/350x700px-LL-6b0d84cd_xWwJjm5.jpeg 2 ¿ Would you tell me how much your height is without these supports, that is just the box ? 3 ¿ the height that puts in the web "480mm", is measuring with those two inferior supports or without them ? Sorry for my english and Thanks.
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