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  1. Hey Mistacool, Something might be up with iCUE 4. Have you tried installing the latest version of iCUE 3 instead?
  2. Oh jeez I'm sorry to hear that. Did you do a full swap between the Lighting Node Cores and fans?
  3. Hey Snapegirl1974, Did you connect the cables to the ports coming off the motherboard or did you connect them directly to your GPU? The ports on the motherboard are disabled by default and won't give you any display. If you are connecting to the GPU can you check if the GPU is turning on when you boot up the system? Have you tried re-seating the GPU as well?
  4. As far as expansion goes you're able to swap/upgrade M.2 SSD, 2.5" HDD/SSD, and memory at your own discretion. We have a video on how to open up the system to gain access to your storage drive. You can also follow this to change out your RAM. Unfortunately we don't have a video for how to swap out your M.2 as they may sometimes be installed on the back of the motherboard. We do however have a written guide for that. If you do swap out or upgrade any of the above parts, we recommend holding on to them as they will be required if you ever need to send in your machine for RMA / Repair. You should also remove any new parts when sending your PC back to us to prevent any possibility of loss or damage. We heavily advise against swapping out the CPU, motherboard and/or GPU. Doing so would void your warranty. Hope this answers your questions!
  5. Hey nsaine, Which SKU do you have? You can find this info on your box.
  6. Mainly CPU. The Workstation Grade systems are the only ones currently that come with the AMD RYZEN 9 5950X and or INTEL CORE I9-10940X.
  7. Glad going to iCUE 3 fixed it. What version of iCUE 4 were you running initially? What version of Windows were you on as well?
  8. CPUs would be a lot harder to replace. Generally speaking, if a certain CPU is no longer available it would require a whole new SKU altogether. For components such as SSDs, PSUs, motherboards, GPU, etc. it's a lot easier to replace those components with alternative options and maintain the similar if not the same performance. We'd never deviate from what's listed on the Tech Specs as again, that'd require another SKU. I do see what you're saying and your concern is valid. If in the future we can secure components for our systems that stay static throughout that product's lifespan then we may be able to provide more information.
  9. Thanks for the reply thus far. We're looking into the adverse effects that recent Windows updates is having with iCUE fan controls. Hopefully we can resolve this without requiring an RMA. EDIT** a word.
  10. There's a USB connector going from the CPU Pump to your internal USB 2.0 Header on your motherboard. This essentially is how your i164 interacts with iCUE. There's a chance that that connector may not be seated properly or may need to be reseated. It should be in this spot in the picture:
  11. I haven't done it personally. Be careful though as this configuration can potentially lead to thermal issues. It may be a struggle, too since there's no kit over 3200 listed on MSI's QVL.
  12. We're not at liberty to specify unfortunately. The main reason is that this component may be subject to change based on availability from our partners. Only thing we can guarantee is that it's a PCIe v4.0 M.2 SSD.
  13. Thanks for the reply. We'll try to recreate this issue and see if we can figure out the root cause of it. You said that the Extreme fan Profile is the only one that functions properly in iCUE. Is this still the case? Have you also tried installing the latest version of iCUE 3 instead of 4? If so, did it make any difference?
  14. The fan has a pre-determined hardware fan curve that operates when iCUE isn't running. Have you been able to see if the fan spins while iCUE is either not running or completely uninstalled? I want to see if this is somehow affecting the cooler at a hardware level.
  15. Hey iamanewby, Sorry for keeping you waiting so long. I checked with support and it looks like they're trying to reserve you a replacement AIO. This look like it should be rolling along now. Once it ships out you'll get a tracking#.
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