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  1. yes i understand all that, my query though is more why corsair would discontinue them, yes they are still available from some places but not from corsair directly, which is were i usually get them, and why they would push everything to multi color dancing disco stuff is beyond me. i like to color match as much as the next person but having the higher performance when needed ( yes i understand that they have to spin faster for this) is also important. i know it possible as EK just came out with a RGB version that offers a pressure rating of 3.16, still not in the 4's like the corsair one were but better than a max of 1.27
  2. but they are not listed on corsair's website besides the refurbished area. the black non-LED are still listed though. just comparing specs with the RGB ones made me scratch my head as to they are called high pressure fans lol
  3. yes there are some still out there but the issue is the push to everything RGB with lower performance, not everyone wants the disco ball effect and would like to have better temps when system is stressed, when doing mundane stuff the fans can drop for low noise but if i am running full boogie i need those fans to deliver. i just dont understand why they would discontinue the ML LED ones
  4. are the ML PRO LED fans discontinued? i can only find non-LED or those pretty but worthless RGB ones now. i mean really how can you call a 1200rpm 1.27 pressure fan a high pressure fan? so i guess the trend is pretty but hot now?
  5. but for me it doesnt matter, as i assume for most, since windows its self and other programs still keep the drives awake and clicking.
  6. yeah nice break of link, now it doesnt show any temps for ANY DRIVES including SSD's or M.2's so thanks allot for taking the easy way out instead of properly doing it.
  7. not monitoring any drives such as ssd'd and nvme m.2 drives is BS, some of my fans are tied to those drives, including some HDD drives, and is complete BS to remove from the software, add a switch for turning it off if you want them to sleep. I've really about had it with corsair and this buggy software, they EOL their stuff so fast and then basically thumb their noses at the very people that buy their products. people asked for months about not being able to control their ram led's, was told many times it was fixed or it would be fixed, hell was even told they didn't know why it didn't work and blamed my MB and low and behold it is finally fixed but then you bork the drives. What is the point of a monitoring and control software if you cant monitor or control something?
  8. lol he did a pretty good job with that hack. the tempered glass side panel would be awesome
  9. +1000 on both of those, a few versions back i would have to close link and restart it to get the LED function, but it has not worked for the last 2 or 3 updates at all. running a evga z270 classified k
  10. the old version of link used to say this, i believe it was like version 2 or something. they might want to add that back in.
  11. same startup issues here, at first it wouldnt load on startup even with the box checked. i open the startup properties and had windows scan it for compatibility and it came back saying windows 8, so i said ok and now it starts like the other are saying. i was thinking maybe a issue with the fall creators update from M$ since both dropped about the same time. and still the Vengence LED issue is not fixed, havent seen the option for adjusting that in the last two updates, at least before it would occasionally show up
  12. some drives will do that, i assume the two seagate drives are mechanical drives and the WD is a SSD. all my mechanical ones show duel temps also and none of my SSD's do.
  13. takes time to code the stuff and test it on multiple boards and cpus, then throw in that some MB's already remove the offset and you end up with a change that takes extra time since they have to account for that.
  14. yes all the above, removing the 5.25 bay cage was a pain, really who uses 3 5.25 anymore. would also like to see a enclose hotswap type HDD cage for the bottom, its a real pain to connect drives with a full tray cover installed and the current cage is just ugly.
  15. Which version of the H100i? i have the original version and i dont ever remember being able to control the pump speed. what happens when you click on one of the tiles?
  16. EVGA Z270 classifed K, P/N: 134-KS-E279-KR
  17. what is the value of the temperature probe, 10k ohm? im looking at getting a temp prob that installs in my loop that will give the temp of the liquid, i want to use one of the temp connectors on the mini commander, it came with 4 sensors but i can not use those in my loop
  18. on the mini commander what are the temperature probes rated at? im doing a custom loop and was thinking of using a temp and flow sensor, the flow part is fine but i dont know if the mini commander will read the input from the temp probe part.
  19. nope did not solve, only once in a blue moon does the LED info show. the pulse is correct but the dimms are not synced, one goes off while the other is coming on, the speed seems to change randomly also. the ram works great but the red LED are just wonky. on the plus side the scrambling seems to have stopped unless i unplug a HDD, im thinking it might had something to do with windows loads drivers.
  20. OK here is the issue, i have latest version of link installed and using a mini commander and h100i, for the most part it works great, have my temp tiles were in want them and every was good, how ever every once in awhile it will scramble my HDD labels, reset the three fans that are controlled by those HDD temps back to the CPU package default. also sometimes the LED portion for my Vengeance LED ram is gone, the setting stays but no way to change it if i wanted to, usually a close and restart of link will bring it back, but i'm not worried about that, the label scrambling though is a pain.
  21. they should be saved on the unit, i can close link completly and my h100i and commander mini will run the settings i have set.
  22. My h100i will default to quite mode with no driver or link installed.
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