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  1. Why the Corsair H115i RGB PRO XT lighting isn't working? Is it not supported or what? I have corsair rgb ram sticks, ll fans, etc and they work just fine with Far cry 6 lighting.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering that will iCue recognize fans and is it possible to control them if I'll connect them straight to the motherboard or do I need Commander Pro?
  3. How exactly are you controlling Asus MB lights with iCue?
  4. *New bug* K95 Platinum cannot change the color profile when I'm in example switching from desktop use to play game where the desktop has own color profile and the game has it's own too. Profile clearly changes in iCue but K95 Platinum freezes the colors to the previous profile.
  5. How can I roll back my iCue to previous version?
  6. Where can I find older versions of iCue? This version managed to lost H150 Pro.
  7. Hi, Recently I had a power loss on my house and Corsair Icue lost all fan profilesfrom H150i and Commander pro. So in future if this happens I'd like to backup fan profile files. How to do this? Where the fan profile files are stored?
  8. Ok, thanks. There's lighting node attached to it but that's not suppose to set LED on, right?
  9. Hi, I recently noticed that the mark LED on the Commander Pro is not lit when PC is on. What is the purpose of this LED? Is it supposed to be on when PC is running or only when there's something specific connected to it, like temp sensor?
  10. Hi, Sorry for borrowing thread but I have problem with iCue and Far Cry 5 also. I have 1xHD120 and 4xHD140 which are connected to fan hub and commander pro. Also H115i with stock fans. Keyboard is K95 Platinum and mouse is Glaive RGB. Lightning in the game works pretty fine but every time I shut down the game the red-blue-white theme stays on until restarting iCue. Anyone else having this?
  11. Hi, Started to play Far Cry 5 recently and enjoying it a lot with Icue integration. There's a minor bug that annoys me after shutting down the game and entering windows; Far Cry 5 integration stays on and all peripherals are flashing stars and stripes. Even if I go to the Icue software and try to set a different profile it stays on. Only rebooting or software restart does the trick.
  12. Hi! Is it possible to set hotkeys for profile change? Even better would be that I could assign a specific profile to e.g. for BF1 and different profile for PUBG. I also use CUE so that if it's possible to set hotkeys to Link profiles then it would be quite easy to get the work by macro. Any help?
  13. What does this exactly mean? Can't figure it out.
  14. Sry for borrowing this thread but I'd like to know what's that feature called "enable button response optimization" in CUE with Glaive mice?
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