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  1. How to delete your own single-message thread? I.e. this one.
  2. I experience a delay switching profiles when Cue 2 is open on my other monitor. Perhaps that's it?
  3. Seriously, who enjoys clicking through each profile and exporting them folder by folder? Maybe I missed the option to backup the entire profile portfolio in one go. Or if I haven't hopefully it'll be added soon.
  4. Remap the scroll wheel? I'm just learning CUE this week so I've got all the noob suggestions.
  5. I would like to see a value for Opacity (under Static Lighting Effect) rather than just a slider with no metric. That way brightness within and across profiles can be kept uniform more easily.
  6. Assign Action To All Profiles in Rotation List (or Folder or All Profiles) I would like this feature to apply to any Action not just Profile Switching. I have a 'root' Firefox profile with additional profiles for further Actions, but there are shortcuts common to them all such as Forward and Back. Currently I am applying these to both the keyboard G keys and the Scimitar thumb grid every time I add a sub-profile. Since this feature already exists for Profile Switching, it only needs to be extended across all Actions.
  7. I agree, the lack of a tilt wheel seems like a backwards step.
  8. So I'm considering buy the K95 Platinum and Scimitar Pro. And the main reason will be so that I can change mouse profiles using a key on the keyboard. Anyone know if this is possible with the CUE 2 software? Ideally I would like to be able to use a keyboard key as a 'clutch' or tap to cycle through various key mappings for the thumb grid on the Scimitar Pro. My current keyboard mouse combo is Steelseries M800 and Razer Naga Epic Chroma. I'm pretty sure I would need a mouse and keyboard from the same manufacturer to do what I want - but I don't really like the way those two companies put restrictions on saving profiles locally (but that's a another matter). Thanks for any replies.
  9. I bought a Steelseries M800 and a Razer Naga Epic Chroma before I knew that cloud-only data-mining spyware had become a thing. Of course there's mobs of fanboy forum nazis out there whose lives gain meaning through telling people they should've read the Ts & Cs. I mean, this is kind of peurile vacuous sentiment is seriously retrograde. It damages progress. And it could be applied to any product that doesn't function as expected after purchase. Consumers have responsibilities within reason. If your shampoo doesn't dispense without an internet connection that is equally as bizarre as a mouse and keyboard engineered with a similar disfunction. And it does take a significant effort to create software that functions as it was designed to. Requirements capture, iterative design, committees, focus groups, executive decisions, all this to nerf your own software. It must be important to them. Unless it's simply feckless executives making flawed radical changes simply to justify their own salaries. Your data is important to us; that's the take away. Resistance isn't futile, however. And I expect the erosion of competitive edge to become increasingly apparent in the years ahead. It's not good for anyone in the short term, but nature will fill the space left by poor decision makers. Steelseries and Razer will have to hope that that space is small. Because other companies will recycle that cash in to new products. Just my 2 c's.
  10. Ok. Thanks for replying. I hope they put out a Scimitar Pro with a tilt wheel one day. That's when I'll buy in to a keyboard mouse combo from Corsair. I'm definitely not buying any more peripherals with cloud-only data-mining spyware like you get from some of the competition.
  11. Based on the Scimitar - but with a tilt wheel and maybe another 8-12mm length option. Thumb grid 6x3 columns, each button single click, double click, triple click, press hold short (timed), press hold long (timed). Left click, right click, ring finger click, pinky click, ball of index finger click - call it push click. Wheel tilt right, left. Scroll up, down. Wheel button. The usual. Click to click, plus free spin on scroll. Minimum 2 buttons beneath the wheel, but a full second row of buttons would be good (one under each finger - that's what they're for:p:) So that'd be minimum 29 fully programmable buttons including scroll up down. It's important that each of the click modes of the thumb grid buttons is programmable individually for a total of 18x5 = 90 separate input events. That would be really great with tight integration between mouse and keyboard. No restrictions on assignment of functions, macros, etc and how they are triggered. It will definitely need full RGB lighting to help keep track of the profiles - stored onboard. And a wireless option. Thanks.
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