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  1. Strange results, I took all 4 modules out and restarted & got an error code of 53 ... I would have expected 55 by the manual ... "Memory Not Installed" ... odd I'm now swapping RAM sticks around and getting the original problem ... Enough is enough now, I need to go to bed, but this is really odd !!!
  2. Thank you, apparently there were similar problems before he replaced the MB, which is why I went down the GPU route, Memory was next but unfortunately I'm having to take things slowly at the moment as we have a puppy running wild in the house !!! Memory modules to be tested next ... thanks :cool:
  3. I have a self-build PC here (not built by me) that is performing very strangely. When it is turned on it starts up, everything turns and fans spin, but then it shuts down and the last code that I can see is 39, though I suspect there may be another that flashes quickly. It then goes throught the exact same process and shuts down with a code 39 again, but on the third boot, it stays on, however, there is nothing displayed on the screen and the Motherboard is showing a code 18 ... any ideas very welcome, please !!! The MB is an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390, I have removed the GEFORCE RTX2080 video card and gone to on-board graphics but it's made no difference.
  4. I will take a look, is that here, Toasted ? http://www.corsair.com/en-us/landing/cue
  5. Thanks, I am actually using a Logitech keyboard right now but I don't like it, it's not a full KB and it's Bluetooth, occasionally it repeats a key about a dozen times, despite the fact I only just touched it, the same as any other key !!!
  6. I have bought some Corsair headphones and am very impressed so am contemplating buying a keyboard. Obviously you get what you pay for so the most expensive is presumably the best, but I'm not a huge gamer, my son plays a few games but again nothing truly serious. I want a good quality full-size keyboard, preferably with a number pad on the right. It needs to have backlit keys as I am often in the dark (about a lot of things, :D: !!!) ... What's the best option for me, I really don't need massive programmable options, though a few basic ones would be nice ... how far up or down the range should I be looking ?!? Advice from experienced users or employees would be great, thanks in advance :cool: ...
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