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  1. And before microsoft started pushing it's dolby atmos, the void with iCue sounded even better. But then microsoft decided to screw around with how they handle audio and so they screwed alot of manufacturers. Always the same with microsoft, they want to push their shortsighted vision of what we should be doing on our computers. They even dictate how loud we should play our audio.
  2. and if your issue commes from (slight) overclocking (running ram in XMP could allready be too much, even if it worked before), it will never be fixed. Systems appear stable but all they do is create filecorruption continuesly. I have had this issue thanks to windows 10 changes and intel needing micropatches, and now my system can't run xmp (1600MHz instead of the base 1333) anymore either without corrupting. Since i fixed that (running plain 1333 now) my system is 100% reliable again. Mind you this is corsair dominator platinum ram no less.
  3. Are we sure every windows file is intact? Maybe check that first with the windows DISM cmd ?
  4. 3.20 should be really good, especially on a corsair housepc i imagine. iCue has cpu & gpu heat sensors, i even have my keybord Function key blocks display their temperature with colorrange through iCue. And it works in conjuction with running HWInfo for instance if i want to run both.
  5. Don't know really what you're on about, but at idle and with no real powerusage, the fans stay off to save power and noise. That's how it works. Why would you want to make that fan run all the time when it's not needed ?
  6. As the tittle says, it's a minor bug and i have polling rate at 125Hz. But in settings it does not show what polling rate is used, the field stays empty. It's the only bug i could find, Sound quality seems improved. Good show Corsair.
  7. After installing i only had to up the volume of the sidetone since that was set to 0. Sidetone and mic work as they should on my Void usb.
  8. I am ussing the latest realtek drivers (UAD 6.0.8797.1) and i can tell that those realtek drivers are not the cause. These are new beta drivers for latest win 10 and are very different to the old HDA style drivers. You can find those not on official realtek site but you can find em on station-drivers.com I got my EQ and surround effects working with iCue 3.19 now. It just needed another device removal and replugging to get the EQ and surround effects working. The quality of those effects is no longer what it used to be though.
  9. And finally i have it all working, another removal of the void in device manager and replugging the headset made the EQ and surround effects actually work. Although the quality is nowhere near where it used to be. Everything sounds much less clear. i still blame microsoft for this. So ok corsair, iCue 3.19 works fully for me now. No strange error reports or anything.
  10. And another update, Though the buttons now work, there is no actual switching between EQ settings or surroundfunction. Can press the buttons as much as you like, voiceprompts work but nothing actually changes. I fully blame Microsoft.
  11. If you are reffering to the microphone mute button, then no it does not rattle at all. It is supposed to be firmly seated without any rattle when you move your head.
  12. Strange thing happened, PC Graphics hung while youtubing. Reset pc, installed new amd graphics driver 19.9.2. And now the void voice prompts and buttons keep functioning on reboots too. Beats me what causes all this. Anyway, iCue 3.19 actually fully works as intended now. *mind blown* Maybe Lucky i only got 3 corsair devices being controlled by iCue.
  13. how many of you are running intel CPU and have updated the cpu microcodes to the latest version ? This would mean a bios update or doing it manually since not all mobo manufacturers care about it. I'm guessing most have not updated and are still running old and vurnarable microcodes. The same aplies for the Intel management engine firmware.
  14. I'm wondering what other softwares people have running at start up. Could be just a conflict between iCue and something else, since iCue 3.19.120 finally does not have those problems anymore on my pc. Maybe something Nvidia related, i have amd vega and iCue works without problems finally. Well, there still is the minor nuisance with the void usb, but only on reboot where it loses voice prompt and buttonfunction, but that does not happen when sleeping or hibernating so i think that is related to a windows problem.
  15. anything is possible , i do know that previous versions of iCue gave me more trouble. The old Cue Always worked no matter what.
  16. my ram is a mix of dominator plat 1333 ddr3 16 Gb (2*8) + 8Gb (2*4) generic identical timings to the dominator platinum. It should run at 1600Mhz (xmp) but that is no longer possible since Intel microcodeupdates apparently. For the rest iCue works pretty much like it should. It controls my k75 rapidfire, my void usb headset and my Hx1000i psu.
  17. i do not see any of these problems with 3.19. I also started using the default usb polling rate (125Hz) for keybord (K75 rapid) and my mouse (G502 Logi). This looks to be alot better for the complete usb system. This overpolling is just BS. In fact it is counterproductive.
  18. i think 3.19 is working pretty good , except for a minor problem that probably is caused by windows 10 itself.
  19. I have a sneaking suspision this is caused by windows 10 which cuts the system power too soon on shutdown/reboots. The same reason that causes windows fast startup function to create file corruption after 3-5 days of shutting down at night and rebooting in the morning. When using sleep or hibernate i can see my corsair devices get unloaded from iCue before the system powers down, when just shutting down iCue does not get the time needed from windows to close properly before system power gets cut by windows. This microsoft flaw is also what creates problems (filecorruption) if you dare use windows own fast startup function.
  20. have you tried to unplug the mouse and remove the mouse from your windows device manager (show hidden device when unplugged), then replug the mouse and see what happens when icue redetects your mouse ? instead of removing and reinstalling icue.
  21. The problem is that iCue voice prompt and the buttons on the headset stop working after a cold boot or reboot. i have no problems with other devices like the k75 rapidfire or the HX1000i . Also the error being reported about the corsair.service is gone with reboots. This is good. Cpu usage for iCue is now about 3% , which is also alot better than the 10-12% it used to be. The headset keeps giving sound after cold boot or reboot , but the voice prompt and headset buttons no longer work. They do however keep working when i put my pc to sleep or hibernate. Just not on reboot or cold boot. Does anyone have an idea, is this windows or icue problem ? I do notice that on shutdown/reboots my keybord gets unloaded by icue, because the lighting returns to default (red) just before windows closes down. The void headset does not appear to get unloaded because the lighting set keeps going till actual powerdown. It is very annoying to have to disconnect the void headset, then in windows device manager delete the void hardware after every cold boot or reboot so that icue redetects the headset when replugged and makes the voice prompt and buttons work again. Anyone got clues ?
  22. Lots of excuses from easy want to be beta customers. If it don't work, the joke's on you. Like an expensive car can't be bad either , can it ? That would be too much for some owners to admit.
  23. Do you have any idea what "patience" means, and how much do you think one must have to endure with a chance of maybe having it work like intended sometime in the possible future ? And fyi, i did my part on these forums to find workarounds for some problems. Do you also know what Fed up means ? It's corsairs responsability , not ours to work it out for free. Sure the Tech companies love the technerds , they do alot of damagecontrol for the ones who take the profits.
  24. You can try to defend corsair software all you want, all techies know by know how it works thanks to experiencing it first hand. All your and corsairs yada yada don't make any bug disappear. Instead it's a new problem with every other release. Must we wait for it to work until our hardware is worn out ? What kind of economical tacticts are these ?? The tacticts of toddlers that's what. HOW MANY YEARS HAS BEEN WORKED ON iCUE NOW ??? And it still ain't good enough to use with all it's bugs. But sure corsair, Blame Microsoft.
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