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  1. Yeah i should have given more info but it was late wheni posted and i was frustrated. I tried different ports and even a couple of usb cords, still nothing. the fans work on high but i hear nothing from the pump header. My temps within a minute or so after startup hit 90c. I put in for an rma waiting to hear back. i now just need to get a cheapo cpu cooler in the mean time Thank you for your help.
  2. uncle poop

    H100i issue

    I recently had to replace some components in my new pc build. After doing so my H100i doesn't seem to be working. The fans are running not sure if I am hearing the pump or not and the leds are all off. icue doesn't detect it and when I look in device manager under usb controllers there is an unknown usb device (port reset failed) is this for the H100i? What am I missing? What haven't I tried yet?
  3. So I'm a bit frustrated with icue. Somehow my keyboard is not detected yet the profile I have on it is mostly working. The lights for the numlock and all do not work. I deleted icue entirely and reinstalled, I deleted and reinstalled the mouse and keyboard. Nothing has worked, also did the restart the computer thing. I have a Strafe RGB and M65 Pro, the first versions. This just randomly happened, was working earlier today and now nothing. Luckily the keyboard and mouse functions still work unlike when the computer first starts up. Think I'm just done with icue and this gear, have a few blown leds. Besides this pc is about to die, hardware is almost all fried. Thinking about it, why fix something that won't matter in a couple weeks?
  4. Seriously? That is amazing. One day I will steal a computer build like this.
  5. So it appears that because of the wrist rest on my Strafe breaking and no way to replace it, I am getting wear on the one edge of the keyboard where light is starting to bleed through. I am a bit disappointed in the whole with the issue. With out having a way to replace the wrist rest my keyboard is now getting damaged, not where it will be unusable but in appearance. I may try some paint to cover up the bleed and maybe I can find something to protect the keyboard from the wear of the broken wrist rest. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a368/twortley/wear%20marks_zpsg0dqh7qr.jpg
  6. Wow, that was a long time for a reply, lol. Ok so profile switch action to another profile that has the setup I need. Seems a little clunky but I will have to give it a try and see what happen. Thank you for the info.
  7. Ok, that might be a sort of solution. I forgot there is a folder option. Thank you
  8. So awhile back I used the great program that lets us load a bunch of profiles into CUE2 at once. Well now when I make a new profile it is always located at the bottom of a very long list. I want to move these profiles to the top of the list but nothing works. I have changed profile names if it was alphabetical order, it is not. The only way now to move a profile is to manually take the file and move it up the list. This takes for ever because the profile window does not auto scroll when you drag the file up. Is there something I am missing? I am currently and slowly deleting profiles that I do not like but it is a slow process because I don't always have time to do this. I am thinking now will I just have to copy what is in the profile I want to move and change a paste it to a profile I no longer want that is near the top of the list?
  9. Sorry to hear you are having such bad luck with your keyboard. Mine for the most part is my own fault. It's the reason I asked to buy a replacement. I like to put the keyboard in my lap and with doing so somehow the little tabs that hold the wrist rest in broke off.
  10. So I recently posted about a broken Strafe RGB wrist rest. I was pointed to customer service where I sent a message about the wrist rest. I asked about purchasing a replacement. I was told there was no replacement to purchase. I then asked if there was any way to get a replacement. I was told there was no way to get one. I am not a customer service rep or anything but wouldn't factories keep extra parts available in case of manufacturing errors? Just sad that Corsair wasn't even willing to sell me one.
  11. Thanks @toasted, I was looking to just buy a replacement. Since I am the one who broke it. I will contact them and see what they say.
  12. I was looking at the site for a replacement wrist rest for the Strafe keyboard and I did not see anything. Does anyone know if one is available. The tabs that hold the rest to the keyboard all finally snapped. All the keyboard does is sit on my desk or in my lap and somehow my ogre self broke it.
  13. So with games starting to have support for CUE, what does that mean exactly? Does this go beyond key bindings? Will games effect Corsair keyboards and mice through CUE? I am thinking that someone would need to program a profile or something to make this happen?
  14. I like the new update. Having the profile list going from top to bottom in the left panel is sooooooo much better and nicer than the old horizontal at the top. I am terrible at making profiles but it sucked when you have a couple of profiles you are using to test things and need to change but had to do that horizontal scroll to find them. Now the list is right there just click on your current profile to get out of the editing screen and there is a nice list of all your profiles. I know there will never be a fix for the update button, but could we at least lose it so those new to the software don't get frustrated by it? Every new update I read there is at least a page worth of people complaining the update button doesn't work. All that is doing is turning people off the software and essentially the products, since the products will not work without the software (at least for me that was the case, I needed to borrow a friend's keyboard and mouse so I could download the software to use the Corsair products). The only little thing I wish CUE 2 had was being able to turn all the tabs transparent at once and not having to go to each profile and change it to transparent. Also it should have a highly advance AI that can read my mind and take the ideas in my head and turn them into profiles for me, cause I am terrible at creating things.
  15. To be honest I am not sure what you are saying. I have no programs linked to CUE 2 or any of the profiles. I had no idea you could link profiles to a program. I checked the profiles that I use and the ones that are being switched to and there are no macros or anything other than lighting effects. I had thought I was hitting a macro that switched profiles or hitting a button that switched profiles in CUE 2 but I do not see the option for either of these things in CUE 2. I am at a loss, since my original posting it has only happened maybe two more times. Had no issues all day yesterday. I guess I will have to see if it happens again and see when it happens and what I was doing at the time.
  16. I am just sitting here watching some streams on twitch and every so often my profile changes. Is this typical for CUE2? I never had this happen before. Am I hitting a button or a series of buttons by accident?
  17. Thanks, I didn't think it was possible but I was hoping.
  18. So now that I got help with importing multiple profiles I have a couple of questions. 1: No imported files have any mouse lighting effects even with advance mode on. I have to make up my own for each one, very annoying. Is this because the designer of the profile did not make mouse effects? Or just a flaw in CUE2? 2: Any way to make one dpi profile as default for every profile? Every profile I click on my mouse goes into slow mode and even with change dpi settings on the mouse all settings are slow. Very annoying when it takes 15 seconds to click from profile to profile. I can change which dpi profile to use once in a profile but there are 100 all with the same settings and the one I made up. I can only delete one dpi profile per cue2 profile which I was hoping I could delete all of them except the one I made up.
  19. Ok, when I first clicked the link to the thread there was an error for the video. Sorry about that. I did learn some stuff, I didn't know you can change the icons for profiles as well. Now there is a lot more I need to learn about this program, lol.
  20. Over 200. I just ctrl clicked them all and had them imported. Not sure if all of them were imported yet but a lot of them did get imported. It would be nice to have an instruction file or something to know how to use the program. I just guessed at selecting all the files and clicking import. Also I did get an error Error: Failed to read CUE window size config
  21. Thank you for the link @marmite_II That export app is great. Just don't be like me and try to import a lot of profiles, it crashed my computer, I had to do a manual restart.
  22. Yeah I have trying to figure out what to do. I am actually thinking of trying velcro and see if it stays stuck to the board.
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