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  1. There shouldn't be any rattle while shaking and the Sniper Button shouldn't rattle too. But the scroll wheel is normal I think... Sad for a mouse which has very good materials
  2. It's the quality control. I got five M65 Pro I think and I think tree of them had this. And every of them maybe except one had scroll wheel rattle. Not much but noticable for me. The sniper button was never so bad like on your video. Is that since day 1 or does it started later? Now i'm still testing but I think I send them back if can find anything better because I like the mouse. But I cant stay with those little issues because it's not a 10$ mouse.
  3. Über die Software steuerbare RGB Lüfter wären echt klasse! Wenn man dann noch andere Peripherie Geräte von Corsair hat, welche eine RGB Beleuchtung besitzen, wäre das echt klasse. Wenn diese dann bezahlbar , leise und stark sind, würde ich mir sofort 4x140mm Lüfter kaufen.
  4. Maybe fastboot is the Problem? I had the same Problem too and after a restart it was working againg. But it´s very annoying to have Problems like that....
  5. Same here. Getting back to 1.6 and I really hope that the Software gets better. Thinking about giving it back. Never had Problems with mouse Software before
  6. What do you mean with "won't Launch"? Is it running in Background and only the UI dont open ? Had the same issue but it was gone after a restart. Since that, im back on the old CUE. Looks bad but works better
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