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  1. Aura doesn't tell me what version it is - even checking Aura.exe Properties didn't tell me a version. It launches as a standalone app - not part of Armoury Crate as far as I can tell. I found an installer that suggests v1.07.79. ASUS Plugin was a download from Corsair. v1.2.1.0 on the asus_plugin.dll
  2. I actually disabled my AURA plugin as a test and iCUE has been stable for the last several days. Seems like that was the problem..
  3. Starting about a month ago, my iCUE software seems to stop working after a while. I notice it because my headset no longer uses verbal announcements like "Microphone muted" and my keyboard RGB doesn't react to button-presses. I see iCUE in the System Tray but cannot open the GUI or get the right-click menu to come up; I have to use Task Manager to kill iCUE.exe and relaunch the program to get it working normally again. I haven't narrowed down a specific cause. This is on a desktop with no Sleep mode enabled. The computer is just set to go to the lock screen after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  4. I had the same problem which was solved with an update and restart of iCUE. v3.9
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