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  1. Ah, seems it works only when using the mouse wired. Then, another question arise: If I use the mouse wireless-ly, does that means that I 'lose' the calibration ?
  2. How come this one have it https://www.thinkcomputers.org/corsair-dark-core-rgb-se-wireless-gaming-mouse-mm1000-mouse-pad-review/4/ but I don't ? I have the Dark Core RGB and cue too, but I don't have the 'Surface Calibration' tab. Anyway to enable it ? Thanks Alan
  3. iCUE is for the other peripheral like the Corsair RGB fans. It also include Corsair Link built it.
  4. You seem to be using iCUE, which is the next version of CUE, but still beta. I reccommend trying the original CUE for now.
  5. Hello I have both the K70 LUX RGB keyboard and the Dark Core RGB mouse. If I put the wireless dongle in the usb port of the keyboard, the mouse works fine. However, if I use the mouse wired at the same port, I get an unrecognized device error from Windows, no matter on which usb port on the mobo I put the usb passthrough cable to. I did try the mouse wired to every usb port of my mobo, they all work. Any idea what could be the issue ? Thanks Alan
  6. Hello I'm from Canada and I want to order these: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/Gaming/Gaming-Keyboards/CORSAIR-Gaming-STRAFE-Full-104-Keys-Set/p/CH-8970027 From what I can see, the product is available for some countries... Except Canada. Where or how could I get these please ? As said in the topic, the double shot keycaps are not for me, I prefer the original ones. Thanks Alan
  7. Anyway to buy these if you're in Canada ? The link seems to be only for USA.
  8. Hi I currently have a K70 LUX RGB Keyboard and a Dark Core RGB mouse, and I was wondering if there was any way to sync the color effects so they move at the same time on both devices. Thanks ! Alan
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