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  1. Paul's Hardware covered these new RGB coolers in English if you're interested. Fast forward to about 7 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrI2hEOCZUE Yes, there are some 360 radiators being introduced.
  2. Go into Corsair Link and setup a fan profile. Look under the heading "H110i" and then go to "fan." Click that and it will open a dialog. Go to the "Group" tab and switch it to "H110i temp" if it's not set there already. I recommend setting up a fan curve something like this: 30°C = 25% fan 35°C = 30% fan 38°C = 35% fan 40°C = 40% fan 45°C = 50% fan 50°C = 100% fan You should never hit 50°C unless something is wrong, which is why I usually set mine to put the fan at 100% for anything at that temp or over. Setting it up a fan profile based on coolant temp will stop your fans from fluctuating wildly and they will only kick up as the water temp increases (and the water temp is all that matters with liquid cooling). Under normal use and with normal ambient temps (20-25°C) your coolant should hit ~40°C only under long sustained heavy loads, so anything above 40°C, you should allow your fans to kick up to a higher audible level. If you have a GPU that blows air into the case, then you might see temps over 40°C under heavy GPU and CPU loads.
  3. I have a brand new H115i on an MSI z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. The problem started with my old H115i which I just had replaced. Corsair Link would not load any of my motherboard of CPU temperature stats. I RMA'ed that cooler and just got a new one in. The new one is doing the exact same thing as far as Corsair Link is concerned. Here is a screenshot of what it's doing: http://i66.tinypic.com/142ui5d.png As you can see, it is not loading any of my motherboard or CPU temperatures or fan speeds. Moreover, sometimes Corsair Link takes at least 30 seconds to load up (it hangs). Sometimes it will crash as well. I don't have any of the MSI motherboard software running (its installed but not running). So what else could it be?
  4. I have that same board, but unfortunately it is a new board (I usually use Gigabyte) and I have not experimented with its OC functions yet. I also recommend going over to overclock.net and going to the intel motherboard subforum. Lots of knowledgeable people there. P.S. Are you able to get Corsair Link working with your motherboard? Mine just will not load most of my settings.
  5. OK I got my new cooler in and went ahead and installed. It is running cooler than the other one. However, I still am having trouble with Corsair Link not loading everything. Here is a screenshot of what it loads: http://i66.tinypic.com/142ui5d.png As you can see, it is not loading any motherboard or CPU stats at all. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it doesn't. Do I have a bad motherboard?
  6. Corsair Link is really slow at loading now. Most of the time it doesn't even load all the stats, but omits about half of them. I just started it and it doesn't even show my CPU core temps or my motherboard temps. I wonder if this is a sign of a faulty PCB on my cooler?
  7. I've had my H115i for about a year now and I noticed over the past few days that my CPU temp would occasionally spike (like into the 90's, low 100's) on a stock i5 processor with no OC. Normal temps on it are about low 50's under load. I decided to take the H115i out of my case and give the rad a good dusting. I did that, reseated the cooler with fresh thermal paste and reinstalled. Well, it was fine for a day, then just while ago it began spiking my CPU temps into the 90's with my coolant temp quickly jumping from 30ish up to about 45°C. I realize that quick spikes in coolant temps means a failing pump (or at least no liquid flow). So I guess it's an RMA for me? I've never had an issue with the unit thus far -- it has worked perfectly and did so very quietly. I guess I am disappointed that merely taking it out of the case and moving it around seems to have caused something to get "knocked loose" within (no I didn't drop it or abuse it in any way). Oh, and now Corsair Link keeps crashing. This is the first time I've noticed it doing that (I have the latest version).
  8. Looks like you got fungus and mold growing on the fins. That has nothing to do with the unit itself, but with your lazy sanitation practices (and a case with no dust filters). As for the corrosion on the top of the radiator, I wonder if it really is corrosion from some sort of leak or just more fungus? Hard to tell from the picture. How old is the unit?
  9. Open shroud. The GPU puts off most of the heat in my case and it heats up the liquid in my H115i to 38-40°C even when my CPU itself is almost idle. I really want to liquid cool my GPU to force all the heat to a radiator that would make it easier to exhaust.
  10. I have the H115i and my lowest fan speed seems to be 900 RPM. I haven't seen it go lower, but I admit I haven't really tried as I find 900 to be quiet enough.
  11. I have the same case, except I have a H115i. I have my radiator fans set to intake, and I have a 120mm at the top of my case intaking air (as well as the 120 at the back exhausting air). I also have my rad fans set to PULL, not push, which means they are blowing air onto my components directly. I think you need more intake at the top. Try changing those 140's to intake and see if it makes a difference. P.S. Don't worry about too much "positive" airflow. That's all a bunch of nonsense. It might make a difference in a perfectly controlled environment where there's zero air leaks, but our cases aren't perfect and do have leaks.
  12. I honestly wouldn't use your motherboard to control the pump speed. I am not sure the pump is designed to run at any RPM level not specified in Corsair Link. It could be that the power you are feeding the pump is not optimal and hence the noise. Try Corsair link and see if it persists. If it does, then an RMA is probably in order.
  13. Could be. The GT coolers are made by a different OEM (CoolIt) while the GTX are made by Asetek. However, without Corsair providing some statistics for failure rates (doubtful), it will remain speculation.
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