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  1. The pump is indeed sata powered, it has power (RGB led works), I even tried only using the stock 2 original fans, without success. As for the fans, I am using the ones that came with the H100i, corsair static pressure fans. And the other 2 are also corsair static pressure fans which I bought separately. Is the Corsair warranty worldwide? How about shipping fees? Does corsair take care of them? (Bought mine from amazon.com)
  2. Yes, the fans are not detected, and are not spinning at all. I tried disconnecting them from the unit, from power, unplugging and re-plugging the cables without success. The unit has power, as the rgb lighting works. I even tried connecting only 2 fans without success. I also tried to use a very old version of corsair link, without success. I am using the default corsair link configuration with zero changes. Can't see my H100i fans in it.
  3. Yeah I believe the pump is fine, it's just that it stopped detecting the fans and turning them on. I have the original H100i with the square CPU pump unit thingy with cut out corners http://www.corsair.com/en-us/~/media/C0B0B29A7EE94476A399215347537FCD.ashx I had evga xoc installed but not running on startup. I have completely removed it now, reinstalled the latest version of corsair link, and nothing has changed. Corsair Link can't detect the fans connected to it, therefore they're not turning on, even when the processor gets REALLY hot. It was working perfectly before, I didn't open my PC case since then. It just stopped detecting them without me changing anything I'm afraid..
  4. In the BIOS: CPU Temperature is +34C/+93F MB Temperature +26C/+78F PCH CORE Temperature +48C/+118F CPU Fan Speed 2335-2360 RPM How does the RMA procedure work? Isn't it within 30 days only? It has been far longer than that for me (Bought it from amazon.com I believe).
  5. Greetings. I have had my corsair H100i connected to 4 corsair static pressure fans for quite a while, and it has been working as intended. Suddenly, without me changing anything in the configuration or updating the corsair link software, it couldn't detect any of the 4 connected fans, they weren't moving, and my pc suffered from blue screens of death because of the high temperature. I updated to the latest corsair link, restarted, that didn't solve the problem. I uninstalled corsair link, including the configuration, restarted, installed the latest version, restarted, that didn't fix the problem. I cannot use my PC with all of the fans turned off, it gets too hot. Corsair Link does detect my H100i What should I do? Many thanks in advance, Laugher
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