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  1. another thing to add is the interchangeable corners, whether or not that is important varies to each person. but i pwm connectors on these ML120 PRO led are a lot longer than the case fans my 400C and h100i v2 came with.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/fjwiJPg.jpg?1 I have the 400C and h100i v2, you cannot do radiator on top, only front with these awesome ram sticks. I'm getting 5 ML120 White LED coming in tomorrow, can't wait to swap em out!!!
  3. it is taller, I cannot place a h100i v2 roof on my white 400C, so I have to put in front. speaking of which, my computer doesn't boot. its a new build, wondering if anyone have any idea.. http://pcpartpicker.com/b/xKYrxr
  4. purchased, now to wait for that AND the white 400c...
  5. are we certain its late june? i heard someone saying q3 2016.
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