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  1. No, you don't. My mouse and my AIO cooler are no longer supported. Going back to v.3 is no option if you buy new Corsair hardware. Your only intention is to force people to buy new hardware, but please have at least the decancy to refrain from such copy & paste marketing statements. However, you have at least achieved part of your intention, I will buy new hardware but it won't be from Corsair. Edit: Just had a good laugh, the Void Elite now shows MEDIUM instead of a percentage for the battery status. The percentage was always a fantasy number, they solved it by removing it. Upon further investigation of v4 I think 90% of the development went into the new ugly GUI and 10% into removing features and hardware support.
  2. If it works the same as on my K95 you just have to klick with the mouse on F4 on the picture of the keyboard.
  3. There are two observations I made in iCue that puzzle me and maybe someone with more insight can explain them to me. First, idle, iCue shows a CPU load that is 2-3 times higher than the one Task-Manager is showing. It's c. 2-5 % in Task-Manager and c. 4-15 % in iCue. Any idea? Second, I never figured out if the core numbers programs like Link show are just arbitary numbers or if they relate to actual positions on the CPU. Anyway, the point is that core #1 in iCue is core #2 in Link. Probably means nothing, right?
  4. @c-attack: The Farcry5 banner will go away but it will be replaced by an other game. Also it's not only a Farcry ad but a Corsair ad too. It's actually quite funny, I am Austrian (German speaking) and I run iCue in English. When I click on the banner it opens a Spanish (!) Corsair product site.
  5. A beta tester told me that there is the possibility that they will add an option to hide it. I'm sceptical if this comes to pass. At least I know now what game I would never buy. I spent about €1000,- on Corsair hardware and have to look at this ad. From c-attacks PC specs I guess he spent several 1000 $. How much does Corsair want to hide the ad? 10,000 $, 100,000$?
  6. Thank you for the explanation. The dashboard on the desktop is nice but would be much more useful on monitor 2. By the way, the one important information missing seems to be GPU load. Curious, why would the "Community" tab show up when I make the window small? Seems to be a bug itself;-) You know, I'm very sensitive to ads, I run not a single app on my mobile with ads and that's not an easy task nowadays;-)
  7. The dashboard in iCUE. What do you mean with the dashboard on the desktop? Since you seem to be on the beta team, can cou confirm this bug with the Community tab? I don't want to make a big argument over a little thing but what do you think is the purpose of the banner? It is there to make people buy Far Cry 5 and more Corsair hardware - it is an ad and it is meant to be an ad no matter how a Corsair employee might call it.
  8. I got annoyed about Dashboard randomly closing until I realised that hovering over Community sends you to Home. That can't be on purpose, I hope. Also, there are several small layout problems in Dashboard, the wide left and right margins and the partial advertisement on the bottom. As for the advertisement itself, this belongs to a cheap mobile app and not to a serious program. I paid enough to deserve an advertisement free program.
  9. Thank you, I didn't see that thread.
  10. I try to make a text action that includes paragraphs using the enter key. It looks OK in icue and when I execute the action it works, all the paragraphs are there. However, after restarting the computer the paragraphs are gone when I execute the action although in icue it still looks as if they are present. With Cue it was exactly the same. Is this a bug or do I overlook something?
  11. My sincere thanks to Corsair, with this update I receiverd 4 fans for free. At least Link is showing me 8 fans now, 1 is identical with 5, 2 with 6 and so on. In fact I don't even have 4 fans, one "fan" is showing half the pump speed of my H115i (go figure). But this was the case with all Link versions and I got used to it. But showing 8 fans when only 3 actually exist is a bit much for my taste, although it does look quite impressive;-) An other thing, apart from all the bugs red-ray is kindly (and unsuccessfully) pointing out, why can't I make the window smaller, that's kind of a very basic UI thing.
  12. First, the H115i is a good cooler but you still might be dissapointed. From what I read the 7700K gets too hot for any kind of cooling if overclocked to 4.8 or more. You might consider delidding it which should give you 10-20°C. Turning the block around should be OK if nothing is in the way of the cables. However, generally it should be no problem to mount it in normal orientation with the radiator in the front. The F140XP is a case fan, the static pressure is too low for a radiator. You should use the stock fans of the H115i or, e.g., Noctua NF-A14. I am currently not at home, so I can't give you a measurement of the USB cable. I have a big case (Corsair 750D) and I run the cable in the back without problem. The H115i uses a SATA cable. I don't think they changed that. Even the guide coming with the unit doesn't mention it, that's just a sloppy mistake by Corsair.
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