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  1. Could you do a sound test of the replacement unit you received?
  2. Do the main keys on your new model feel smoother than the last one? How would you compare it to the quickfire rapid that you showed in your video?
  3. Still waiting on stock from amazon, really don't feel like dealing with newegg's customer service in case I get a defective unit again. How is your keyboard? Is it like Skrunch's new keyboard now? Does it actually feel like a normal Cherry MX Blue keyboard now?
  4. That was my exact problem with the first one. I just hope when I order mine, I get a smooth one with no problems.
  5. This is good news. I guess I might have to order another one and try it out, however this time I will be ordering from amazon in case I do receive a bad unit and have to return it. So overall, you would now say that this feels like 100% Cherry MX Blue keyboard?
  6. So how do the ALL the keys feel on this one compared to the first one you got? Did this actually feel like a normal cherry mx blue keyboard? were any of the modifiers and main keys stiff out of the box like the first time?
  7. Hey, Could you take a video of you typing on it?
  8. Yeah I know exactly what you are talking about. For me it stayed the same after about 2 weeks of usage.
  9. hmm.. that's weird. You think they are going to discontinue the blues again? Thanks.
  10. Do you own the LUX in browns? If so, how do the switches feel? are they consistent, are the modifiers stiff or normal?
  11. I too will be going with the browns just to play it safe. I just sent in my LUX with blues for RMA :(:
  12. I believe they haven't released their blue switch keyboards yet. Same goes with cooler master's new RGB keyboards, they released the reds and browns, but still haven't released the blue switch model. There is definitely something going on with the RGB blue switches because some keyboard makers keep delaying their blue switch versions of the keyboard. http://www.amazon.com/MasterKeys-Intelligent-CHERRY-Brown-Switches/dp/B01D8ETGNQ?ie=UTF8&keywords=cooler%20master%20keys&qid=1465280502&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1 http://www.amazon.com/G-SKILL-RIPJAWS-KM780R-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B0186W6PGQ?ie=UTF8&keywords=g%20skill%20cherry%20mx%20blue&qid=1465280476&ref_=sr_1_3&sr=8-3
  13. I believe G skill is also using them on their keyboards as well.
  14. Welcome to the club. You know I'm curious to know how the non RGB LUX cherry mx blue keyboards are performing? if they have no issues, then the problem is clearly from the RGB switches.
  15. Yeah, I have used their red and brown RGB keyboards, and I never had any problems with them like I do with the LUX Cherry MX Blue RGB keyboard.
  16. Then why do other keyboards with the same switches seem to be working normal? This issue seems to be only present on corsair's rgb keyboards.
  17. Hey man, most likely I will be going with the browns seeing as I had the previous K70 RGB in browns before I sold it in hopes of getting the LUX with blues. The browns for me were great. I had no issues at all when it came to the switches, and the modifier keys were much better than the ones on the LUX blue keyboard. If you are looking for a tactile feedback like the blues, the browns are kind of close but without the click, however you should know that the tactile bump is not that noticeable when are you going to be typing fast, it almost feels slightly linear.
  18. They keyboard itself is amazing, I just wouldn't recommend picking up the cherry mx blue version.
  19. Hey everyone, I thought I would give a quick update. So I opened a ticket with corsair support, and I'm currently awaiting approval for an RMA. I will be sending back this keyboard, and will be going with either the browns or the new speed switch :( I really wanted this to work out, but unfortunately the switches themselves just appear to be bad quality. Even if I were to keep using this for a longer period of time, the non-clicky switches wont just magically start to click out of no where. Something inside the switches is damaged and they are going to stay like that no matter how long you use it or "break it in". Corsair really needs to improve their QC when it comes to the blue switches, because every other keyboard maker using the same rgb blue switch doesn't seem to have these problems. Corsair's blue switch keyboards were good back in the day, I just don't know what happened down the road...
  20. I called corsair customer support today and explained to them my situation with the keyboard. I told him about what Corsair Henry had previously said on another thread about letting the cherry mx blue switches "break in" and he told me that cherry mx blue switches should not have to be broken in, and that they should be working normally out of the box which I agree with, because when I got my ducky with blues everything was working the way it should have straight out of the box. So basically he ended up apologizing for the bad experience I have had and told me that I can submit an RMA and have a replacement keyboard sent to me or choose a different switch if I would like. He didn't really tell me anything about whether or not these issues are from them or that I just got unlucky, which I highly doubt seeing as everyone else who bought the same keyboard are all having the same issues.
  21. Honestly, I'm probably not even going to try and get a replacement because this seems to be a QC issue from corsair. I just watched a review on youtube for the pok3r rgb keyboard with cherry mx blue rgb switches (same switches in the LUX keyboards), and the reviewer said that the rgb blue switches feel like his other normal cherry mx blue keyboards. This is what leads me to believe that the issue is not from cherry but has to do with corsair.
  22. Hey guys, so It's been a little over a week since I have been using the LUX with cherry mx blue switches, and it is still not the best experience. For everyone that has been having issues with the stiffness of the keys, I think I found a solution. I took off all the keycaps and mashed down on each key repeatedly. After I put the keycaps back on, I immediately noticed that a majority of the keys became slightly lighter. This method especially helped the modifier keys loosen up a bit. Now I want to address a huge issue that I found. From what I could tell when I was pressing down on my keys, it seems like a majority of the switches themselves just seem to have come from a bad batch of switches (just my opinion). No matter how much you use it, the switch is just going to stay "mushy" (non clicky).
  23. The mushiness is still the biggest problem for me. I haven't noticed any mushy keys loosen up yet.
  24. Hey, I have been using my K70 LUX with blues for 4 days now, and sadly I have no good news to report. The stiffness, mushiness, and inconsistencies between keys are still there. I am currently typing this with my ducky shine zero which feels like butter in comparison to the K70 LUX. Now I am still going to test the K70 out for a few more days and hope these problems go away, but If not, I would just rather get my money back and pick up a ducky with blues.
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