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  1. Good day to the community, I am refreshing this thread, since I am one more person, facing the same problem like the guys already posting here. There is nothing less than a big truth on this statement: I recently bought a H100i, hoping that it would fit on a PC under construction, utilizing a (modified) Gigabyte GA-EP45T-DS3R motherboard, with an Intel Xeon X-5492 CPU fitted on it. (The GA-EP45T-DS3R is one of the very few LGA-775 motherboards that accept DDR3 DIMMs. Others that I know are the Asus P5QC and the Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R. There may be some more, but certainly not many). The X5492 is a real power beast, with 150W TDP and it requires good cooling, especially at O/C conditions. The Corsair Liquid Coolers are excellent solutions. Therefore, my initial choice for a H100i seemed to be ideal. However - and this was a mistake of mine - I did not check its compatibility, having in mind my previous experience with the Hydro H80 Cooler, which is compatible with almost all Intel CPU sockets, including LGA-775. At this moment, I am stuck. I have the following choices: 1. Try to find a backplate for socket 775, something like this and then (hopefully) try to find some screws to fit. The problem with this is that the H100i I have, came with its mounting bracket already pre-installed and it cannot be removed, to allow me drill new holes, to the spacing dimensions of socket 775. Therefore, in this case, I have to do the drilling with the bracket in place, a very risky and difficult job. Not to mention also that if the steel of the bracket is really hard, drilling becomes more difficult (although I hope that using cobalt drills will do it). 2. Replace the H80, which now is used for cooling an Intel i7-6700k, with the H100i and use the first for cooling the Xeon. However, this also will require a complete disassembling of the PC using the i7 and moving all of its hardware in a new case, to accept the H100i. I am not sure if taking the risk to "modify" (drill) the H100i mounting bracket is a better solution than just do the whole disassembly-reassembly job. Your suggestions? P.S.: BTW, is there any way to remove the Mounting Bracket from the pump header, so I can work with it, without taking the risk to damage the pump assembly? As I stated above, this bracket seems to be permanently fitted in place (factory fitted) and no matter how I tried to find a way for its removal, it is impossible. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for your recommendation, mate (your nickname sounds "Greek" to me, am I right?). I tried a stress test, the AIDA64 stability test, and it forced the PSU fan to start and keep operating. As soon as I stopped the test, the fan stopped. This is a very nice feature, I can say and it is a pleasant surprise for me. Thank you again.
  3. I am updating this thread because today, after a long absence abroad, when I returned home, I tried to operate my PC and I observed that the main (side or top - it depends how the PSU is positioned in the PC case) fan of the HX1050 PSU does not turn at all. However, the computer worked fine for several minutes, I managed to install the updates (quite a few, I can say) and after finishing this job I shut it down and I am now posting my observation. I have never seen before a PSU supplying enough power to a PC for several minutes with its fan non operating. I wonder if there is a function in it to turn the fan on when it gets warm enough and turn it off again when it's cooled down. If this function does not exist, is what I observed a malfunction? And if yes, what can I do to save the PSU from getting destroyed? Thanks
  4. Update From this morning, I am the owner of a modular Corsair HX Series HX1050 Pro 80 Plus Gold PSU (EU Plug). I hope it will cover my demands. -
  5. Thanks, Henry, I will follow your advice. BTW, I am going to use only one GPU, the XFX Radeon R9-380, 4GB one, but in connection with it there are some more add-in components, like four additional storage HDDs, a TV video capture card, etc.
  6. Good day to all The title says it all. I am trying to find a compatible PSU in the 500~750 W range, compatible with the above CPU/Motherboard combination. I have found the VS Series-650W CP-9020051-NA PSU, which "conforms to ATX12V v2.31 standard", as per its specs and at the same moment is quite affordable, but I am not sure if its specs are compatible with the above CPU/Mobo combination. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
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