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  1. Thanks for that, i'll give it a try. I did find that also trying to install the latest W10 update also freezes my PC mid way through the install.
  2. Hi So i discovered yesterday that iCUE is the replacement for the CUE 2 software. I first uninstalled LINK from my PC, and then ran the iCU 3.2.87 installer software. I get a message stating that i must close Application Frame Host to continue the installation, which i click on and then the installer continues. Unfortunately the installer gets to 12% 'uninstalling driver' section and then freezes my PC, I have to hit the power button as the PC is totally unresponsive. Upon trying to run the installer again i get a message telling me that the Corsair installation is in a suspended state. Anyone else experienced this problem? ive noticed the same problem when trying to update my AMD graphics driver and my Logitech mouse.
  3. Just a quick update, this K95 profile also now works with Studio One 4
  4. Hi guys, Thought I'd share a video series that i've put together for anyone who records music using the Corsair K95 RGB and Studio One. Whilst this is a gaming keyboard and a non-gaming video series i thought you might still get some tips out of the videos where i show the Corsair CUE Actions creation as well some handy hints. 7 videos in the series [ame] [/ame]
  5. Hi guys, I have found the problem. It was Quicktime, i was running version 7.7.6. A newer version 7.7.9 was available. Installed that, ran the installer expecting it to get to the installing driver section and then freeze. To my surprise it completed. My k95 is back to normal.
  6. Hi James ive PM you but no way to attach the JPG screenpics to the PM
  7. OK, so this seems to be more than an issue with the Corsair K95 CUE installation. I've just uninstalled the driver for my Logitech G600 mouse, downloaded and attemped to install the most recent driver and i'm having the same issue as with the Corsair install, it hangs at the point of installing the driver. Having had to hard reboot i now have a message that states the Qt plugin "Windows" is missing, please try reinstalling the software. I've searched for Qt and found lots of stuff which is technically way over my head as im not a developer.
  8. so i spent all afternoon stripping out any trace of corsair from my PC's registry. I uninstalled Link. Unfortunately the problem still persists in that when the installer for Cue 215 gets to the install driver point the PC freezes resulting in a hard shutdown. As the installer never finishes I have to manually delete the C Program files/ Corsair/ Cue 2 folder. On trying to reinstall 2.14 the installer now still hangs at the Install Driver area. I fear that even with a new driver released next month will still exhibit the same problem.
  9. Anyone know how to completely remove every reference to 2.15? I want to go back to the previous version but it won't uninstall 2.15
  10. I am having a very similar problem, every time it gets to 59% and says "installing driver" Windows hangs and i have to hard shutdown. Currently i now cannot reinstall the previous version. Very frustrated and keep checking the site every day for a new update. This has now made me have to revert to using the mouse which has slowed my workflow right down to a crawl in Presonus Studio One 3 (i have the Corsair configured perfectly with this software and I can work very quickly having keyboard shortcuts mapped to the corsair keys).
  11. Also, the 2.15 installer keeps asking me to shutdown Automatic Patch Host but i don't know what that is.
  12. Ok, so i tried copying the Corsair Engine folder from my laptop where CUE 2.15 successfully installed and pasted into my audio PC where CUE won't install. Initially i thought it was successful. I launched the EXE and everything appeared fine, however when trying to use the keyboard shortcuts mapped to the keys,nothing worked. Very frustrating and now i cannot re-install version 2.14 so i'm left in limbo.
  13. OK, i've tested this installer on my online W10 laptop. Installs no problem, but does take a while once it gets to 59% Intalling Driver, however it manages to get past that part and installs successfully. On my audio PC it constantly sticks at 59%
  14. I cannot get this to install no matter what. At first it tried to uninstall the previous version, got to 12%, then hung my computer, had to hard restart. Second attempt, same problem. I then uninstalled v 2.14 via the Control Panel Programs Got halfway through installing 2.15 then it hung at 59% install Windows 10 64bit
  15. Hi guys, This issue that is intermittent has been happening before and after installation of the latest Cue2 build. I've had a few occasions where the Y acts like it is sticking and is constantly triggering the letter Y(its the same as holding your finger down on a key to get a stream of the same letter). This has happened both in the software i use daily (Presonus Studio One 3) and whilst on the desktop. Anyone else had this happen?
  16. I notice from your screenshot that you use Propellerheads Reason with your corsair. How exactly are you mapping the keyboard to Reason?
  17. thanks, i'll try those suggestions. Can i only update the firmware directly from the Cue software? My music PC doesn't go on the internet so i'd prefer to download the update separately and install it without going on the net.
  18. Hi, after uninstalling Cue2 and trying to reinstall Cue1 i hit an issue that won't allow me to reinstall cue 1 so now im back to having to use Cue2 My issue. Im adding actions Remap Key but i see no option to remap the G keys. I see the ability to remap the typing keys, numpad, symbols the F keys and the mod keys but no G keys. How can this be done in Cue2 The reason i ask is that im using 3 profiles with my music recording software. Profile 1 is dedicated to the recording of music, Profile 2 is the editing of the music and Profile 3 is for the mixing. The limitation i found with Cue1 was that if i mapped keyboard shortcuts to the QWERTY keys i could no longer use them to type with (example I mapped Ctrl+S to the S key but when i needed to type text that included the S key it wouldn't work because i'd mapped it). So what i want to do is map keyboard shortcuts to the G keys to avoid this issue. Also is there a way in Cue2 to Copy to all Layers? I found that this was a handy shortcut to not have to repeat programming the same action to all of my 3 profiles
  19. Hi guys, this is still an issue for me. Is there anyway to import my old Cue 1 profile in CUE2. If not then its going to be a real drag to have to recreate from scratch. I put many hours into perfecting that profile which was mapped over the 3 macro buttons.
  20. Hi guys,i was a happy CUE user until a recent update install when i noticed that the software had changed. Unfortunately with this version 2 the cue software has not kept my colour settings. How can i get the colours recognised in v2 without having to redo the whole thing? When i turn my PC off the original colours illuminate the keyboard so i know they are still there. help please
  21. Hi guys, First post here, i'm actually waiting to receive the K95 RGB, hopefully should have it before the weekend Anyway, i'm not using the keyboard for gaming but i'll be using it with my Digital Audio Workstation software, Presonus Studio ONe 3. This is basically music recording software, and it has a lot of features, of which many are mapped to keyboard shortcuts. I intend to create my own K95 profile to use with the keyboard. The question that i want to ask is, can i assign two colours to one key? Let me explain, the S key by default is Solo in Studio One, i'll be colouring it yellow to match the icon in the software. CTRL + S is Save, can i assign a secondary colour to a key so that when its pressed in combination with a modifier key (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT) the S key will display a different colour? This would be super handy for me as the colours will be a visual aid to remind what the particular function is. thanks
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