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  1. I ended up formatting my pc, my issue got resolved.
  2. Looks like I'm not alone dealing with the same issue, I hate reducing my polling rate to 250hz but I can't stand the lag, this is driving me insane! I'm currently uninstalling the 2 latest windows 10 updates, will report back if it worked. Edit: No changes after deleting the update. Corsair needs to address this issue immediately!
  3. Hello, I own a Strafe rgb keyboard which is 6-7 months old and a m65 pro which is a little more than a month old. Recently, I've been getting 2 inputs with a single key press (for example, the most common issue is that when I'm opening the chat on Rainbow Six, the first letter of the message is "T" without having pressed the key a second time, only just to open the chat). Now, about the mouse, in some occasions, the gun is still firing having released the left mouse click, or I'm still aiming down the sights having released the right mouse click. I am thinking that this might be an issue with icue, as I'm not dealing with those issues while not gaming, also switch hitter didn't detect any chatter. I'd appreciate any suggestions, thank you!
  4. I received an answer from Corsair, they insist that they are a little over 3cm.
  5. Can somebody please measure the height of the case's feet? I'm limited regarding the height on my desk and with the feet attached, the case doesn't fit to my desk (by 1,5cm). Thank you!
  6. I sorted it out... It's unbelievable how a cd-rom can cause such bad things to happen... I did a fresh install once again of windows and noticed that CUE was working just fine until I inserted a certain disk in my disc drive which also caused other bad things to my computer like getting stuck in the restarting/shutting down screen. I guess I'll just burn that cd :D
  7. My gpu drivers are up to date. I also tried using my keyboard with the legacy version of CUE (out of curiosity) and I'm not dealing with any problems at the moment...
  8. CUE has become unresponsive lately for me. It hangs after I click on certain sections, like when I click the button which expands the profile list, when I right click the tray icon etc... Sometimes, the program becomes unresponsive forcing me to close it from the task manager by killing the process. I even had to format my drive because of that problem. Has anybody experienced this certain problem? I really need your help! Edit: Tried out previous versions, sadly there was no change! PS. happy holidays to everyone!
  9. Same thing with me but I got fewer scratches, still it's very annoying :/ https://s13.postimg.io/usp145bx3/IMG_20160827_165731.jpg . Is there any way we can paint it with something?
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