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  1. When I don't use iCue how can I set my keyboard to one color?
  2. Thanks for the help and the information. If I decided to go with the Corsair 1000D will the MSI x99a Godlike motherboard fit? What about the Corsair H110i GTX radiator? I know I would need to purchase the 120 and 140mm fans. Will there be plenty of room for CD rom drive and SSD drive? How is the cable management?
  3. Welp, My 780T window side panel is defective (case is about three years old) and the replacement window side panel is $29.99 to replace it. I spoke with Corsair they basically told me either buy the replacement side panel or deal with it. I am looking at the 900D and the 1000D case from Corsair. What is the difference between the two cases 900D and the 1000D? I know on the 1000D you'll have to buy the fans for the front from what I was told. What about radiator size for the 900D especially for the side area. The computer will be liquid cool (Corsair radiator).
  4. I'm still playing The Division on PC. After taking some time away from the game I decided to come back. I scored two exotics am using the bullfrog until I find something better for exotic.
  5. Very nice! I see The Division in the background on the monitor. :D::cool:
  6. How many RGB fans would I need to purchase for this type of case?
  7. Good point. Basically the 1000D case comes with the iCue fans or no? What is the Corsair Eco System?
  8. Hey Guys & Ladies, I am thinking about purchasing the Corsair 1000D case so I can take replace my Corsair 780T case and to install the following items MSI X99A Godlike motherboard, Intel 5930k processor, Corsair 32gb memory, Samsung EVO sdd, Western Digital hd, LG Blu-ray RW, MSI 980TI 6GB, Corsair AX1200, Corsair 110 radiator and NZXT Cue lighting. I was wondering what else would I need to purchase to keep my the case and the hardware cool? I know it's a big computer case I would like to make sure it stays cool with no issues. I'm going to keep this computer liquid cooled via radiator. - Jamie
  9. Your welcome! I am sure your going to make this custom computer build look amazing.
  10. Thanks Zotty for the information. How would someone up just to say install three radiators to the motherboard? Just to say I have the MSI X99A godlike motherboard.
  11. Thinking about upgrading to this one and keep the 780T case for a back up. What size radiator can you put in the 1000D?
  12. Players Unknown Battleground on my gaming PC. :D:
  13. For everyone...I had to go to Corsair's keyboard download page to find the update...http://www.corsair.com/en-us/downloads#download_form_1
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