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  1. Thx for the reply guys i think its coming from my mobo after changing to h150i elite capellix aio its not like super loud but it can be frustrating i noticed when i move my mouse while icue is closed i also hear a slight coil wine. Its similar as when icue is on but its not constant. I have a very silent pc i only hear the coilwine all my fans are spinning in between 480 500 rpm range.
  2. I cant get hardware lightning to work if i say like i make a static color on the keybord its lightning up while running icue. But when i exit icue all keylights go out and when i re-enter icue it says that the profile is corrupted. The only way to fix is clearing it or deleting the hardware profile i made myself. Already tried to soft reset the keybord doesnt matter i only get the pre-installed hardware lightning profiles to work the rainbows and stuff but i dont like it, i want my own profiles for hardware lightning while not running icue is that even possible ? Besides that the keybord is working great while icue is running. But when i close icue, hardware lightning wil not work when i make my own color for it simple as that. Already tried reinstalling icue doesnt matter.
  3. I have the exact same problem hardware lightning is busted with this keybord ? it indeed only workd when icue is running when u exit icue it either goes pitch black or if u have the profiles that comes along pre-installed with they keybord that only works. There is no way i can use a static color that stays on my k70 mk2 without leaving [closing] icue.
  4. With my msi z490 ace i have a really weird and loud coilwine when running icue if i disable the software [quit] the coilwine is gone anyone else have or has experience the same thing ? Its not coming from the AIO. i think its coming either from my vengeance pro rgb ram or from the motherboard itself close where the cpu is. But like i said if i close the icue software the coilwine is gone and everything is dead silent again no coil wine.
  5. Exactly this it would be a shame to hide these beautiful fans from the h150i. I hope i can fit them under the radiator inside the case with full view of the fans, the msi z490 ace vrm heatsink is not that huge so hopefully it should all fit.
  6. Reason why i am asking this is i have seen threads that some motherbords vrm heatsinks are blocking the radiator and fans for clearance. because i really want my rad on top inside the case with the fans under it is that even possible with a msi z490 ace do i get in clearance problem ? can someone corfirm this ?
  7. Not to highjack this thread but i have the same problem as the op, so its 100% a windows issue from the latest build ?
  8. Both the two fans and pump, also if i set them to light blue my led on the pump will flicker like crazy then eventually it becomes dull green, but the two fans on rad they will stay @ light blue. Red color wont flicker btw thats strange.
  9. What the title says lightning layers wont change say going from rainbow to static its still on rainbow. the only way lightning layer work is to delete all layers again [rainbow] and use only one layer like [static] if i make a second layer or a second copy with a different color it will never change to it i have to remove all layers again to make a new layer then i get my color i want again this is extremely frustrating. Using latest version of icue also did a clean instal aswell doesnt matter its still broken.
  10. I still have this problem from time to time led goes into a dull green color and it flickers :(
  11. This is still very confusing i prefer the old icue version where u can just copy the profile straight into lightning effects from hardware lightning. And i still cant get my red white blue in there its to complicated for me i gues i go back to the old version unless someone can give me a profile from the cv picture i posted for my dutch flag in lightning effects thank u.
  12. Corsair in the older versions of icue i could copy the multicolor from hardware lightning into lightning effects but now its not possible anymore i want my dutch flag colors back in lightning effects but its pretty much imposible now. Uploaded 2 pictures for example. cv is what i want into lightning effects but how ? the red white blue i want that back in my lightning effects. I am to confused with static colors profiles i mess all up again please help.
  13. This is extreme hard to do @ corsair plaase let me import my profile like the older version icue from hardware lightning to lightning effects i dont like this this is very confusing.
  14. Can anyone help me out ? why does multicolor not exist anymore under lightning effects on custom ? in hardware lightning its there but i want it under lightning effects, i cant even drag multicolor to lightning effects from hardware lightning. I wait for a reply soon if not i go back to older version 3.38.61 because 4.9.338 got no multicolor under lightning effects with my vengeance rgb. @ corsair please have a look at it thank u.
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