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  1. PM sent. I’m a Mac user and a Hackintosh user with an M65 Pro RGB and a K65 RGB. Currently running Sierra 10.12.6.
  2. Are you saying you have a fully functioning keyboard with CKB installed and running in macOS Sierra?
  3. If you have the firmware file you can update it by unplugging the keyboard and putting a paper clip in the small hole on the back. While doing that plug it in and it should show up as an external drive. Delete the old firmware file and copy the new one there. Then unplug and re-plug the keyboard.
  4. Is this on a real Mac or a Hackintosh?
  5. I personally really like the reds with 50A 2mm o-rings. 50A are a little but harder than the 40A ones you will find which always felt squishy to me. I came from an Apple Aluminum keyboard and the longer travel on the reds caused me to have a ton of typing errors, the o-rings solved that.
  6. I have completely removed CKB and have a fully functioning keyboard, including media keys, besides being able to control colors. For the color I setup a static profile in Windows and saved it to the hardware. Used system presences to swap the command and option key to match the Mac Keyboard layout. And created Automator Serivces to handle any macros. Has anyone tried creating a complete map for one of these keyboards yet? It looks like it is just XML but I haven't had time to mess with it. Here is the documentation for it in macOS Sierra: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/technotes/tn2056/_index.html
  7. Yea I noticed his last post was in June. Sadly I do not know C and C++ so I am SOL unless someone else figures out these issues with OS X Sierra. The only issue I have left is not being able to use a modifier key while clicking the mouse.
  8. Any updates on the many issues with Sierra? There are lots of reported issues on the git hub page without any response from the dev.
  9. See here: https://github.com/ccMSC/ckb/issues/386
  10. CKB might not recognize the device ID. I would post an issue on Git Hub.
  11. I don't think you need to uninstall it. Just download the fw2kb branch build it. I'm not sure how to do that in Linux though, I use it in OS X. Might be some insights here: https://github.com/ccMSC/ckb/issues/298
  12. The main branch of CKB doesn't work with 2.04. You have to build and install the fw2kb branch.
  13. What firmware is your keyboard running?
  14. I am wondering if it is possible to delay the function of the caps lock key. Meaning that it must be pressed and held for a second or two before caps lock is activated. Anyone familiar with Apple keyboards would understand this functionality. Coming from Apple keyboards my self I often hit the caps lock key accidentally and since the switches are reds it is very easy to activate accidentally. I would prefer to have to hold the key for a second before it is activated.
  15. You can submit a ticket to Corsair and they might send you the 1.33 version. I had lots of issues at first with the 2.04 FW so I submitted a ticket to Corsair and their support attached the 1.33FW for the K65 to the ticket.
  16. The first post in this thread has the 1.30 FW but 1.33 was the version right before the most recent version, 2.04.
  17. Yes Corsair makes nice stuff but I have had great luck with getting keycaps from MaxKeyboard. I had them make 4 custom keycaps for the bottom row to turn my K65 RGB into a Mac keyboard and the keys look and feel exactly like the stock keys. Check these out: http://www.maxkeyboard.com/max-universal-cherry-mx-translucent-clear-black-full-keycap-set-top-print.html. It is always possible the keycaps are outsourced to the same place anyways.
  18. Look at the thread you linked again. There is a link for the 1.30 FW for all of the K series RGB keyboards mixed in with all the links for CUE. Click the update button in CUE and then choose the firmware file you downloaded for your keyboard. You can also look at the last page of the thread and I posted instruction how to downgrade the firmware if CUE isn't detecting it.m Check out the fw2kb branch of the CKB github project. I am now running fw 2.04 using this branch in OS X without any issues.
  19. What firmware is your keyboard running?
  20. If you want clear keycaps there are tons of those out there already. They are standard cherry MX switches. The bottom row is not standard though.
  21. Not sure where to get the firmware but you might be able to from Corsair support by submitting a ticket. Also not sure if the K70 RGB silent uses the same firmware as the regular K70 RGB. If it does you can get firmware 1.30 from the faq thread here and then follow these steps: Unplug the keyboard. Push the pin hole button on the back of the keyboard next to the latency switch and hold. Then plug in keyboard and let go of button. Computer should detect keyboard as removable drive. Open it up and delete current firmware, then drag and drop new firmware in. Unplug and replug keyboard.
  22. FYI, Firmware version 1.33 is the most recent prior to 2.04 for the K65 RGB according to Corsair support staff.
  23. I've ordered custom keys from maxkeyboard.com. I primarily use OS X and ordered 4 keys to replace the Windows key, menu key and the two Alt keys. They are exactly like the stock keys in look and feel. I'd be interested in backlit compatible double shot keys though. They tend to be quieter than the stock keys.
  24. Try using Activity Monitor to force quit the CKB daemon. When have your issue with my K65 it is usually right after boot and the daemon is using 50+% CPU. Once I force quit the daemon it restarts automatically and everything works fine.
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